Fun-runs and marathons around the region

With the year-end rapidly approaching, chances are your 2017 resolutions remain untouched and unaccomplished. But hey – there’s always next year, right? Sometimes all you need is a gentle nudge in the right direction to get you started – booking in a slot on race day will do just that. Whether you’re a former runner or more accustomed to a movie-marathon, the region’s calendar is packed with everything from fun-runs to ultra-marathons. Here are a few we’re marking on our calendars over the next 12 months:


Indonesia – Gede Pangrango 100

A three-hour drive inland from Jakarta takes you to Mount Gede Pangrango National Park – a sprawling region that encompasses two active volcanoes. Participants at the Gede Pangrango 100, which takes place from 28th-29th July 2018 can register for one of many races, which range from 25km to up to 300km in length.


Thailand – LOVE, Together We Can Change

For less experienced racers, 10km races are the perfect blend of light-hearted fun and pavement-pounding cardio. With the help of a few months training and a handful of practice runs, this is one of the more attainable races around the region. On 11th February 2018, run for a cause in Bangkok. The LOVE, Together We Can Change race invites participants to help raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in Thailand.


Philippines – 5150 Philippines

Building up to a lifetime achievement like an Ironman race takes time and effort, as well as considerable practice. The 5150 Philippines brands itself as the perfect place to start your training. Held in Subic Bay on 4th November 2018, the triathlon is open to participants aged 15 and over, and includes a 1.5km swim and 40km bike ride before culminating in a 10km race.


Malaysia – Borneo Marathon 2018

With four race categories (full marathon, half-marathon, 10km adult race and 10km juniors race), the Borneo Marathon run, held in Kota Kinabalu on 6th May 2018, is run by many in memory of the race’s founder, Andrew Voon.


Taiwan – Women Run Taipei

Held on 15th April 2018, this women’s-only race operates two categories – the half-marathon and 10km distances. Organised by Standard Chartered, the race skirts past rivers and waterways along a picturesque urban route.


Hong Kong – HK Ultra GreenRace

With frequent events held internationally, The Green Race is a trail running organisation that also runs frequent nature retreats and clean-ups. The HK Ultra GreenRace, held on 1st April 2018 in Hong Lok Yuen stays true to the roots of the zero-waste organisation.


China – Run The Great Wall

For a once in a lifetime experience, join a race scaling the Great Wall of China. With 10km, half and full marathon races being held at various times on 15th April 2018, the race is gruelling in parts, but the picturesque backdrop makes it more than worth the trek.