Are Brits even bothered about living in the EU?

If the automatic ability to move freely to the EU comes to an end for Brits in the post-Brexit era, will that be the problem that is being portrayed in the press? Or are Brits not really sure what all the fuss is about?

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On the move?

The YouGov poll asked Brits which country they would move to if they could. The aim of the poll was to see if Brits are unduly worried about the reciprocal EU post-Brexit restrictions on living in the EU.

It seems Brits might not be worried and are more interested in moving far away from the EU. The YouGov poll asked 12,000 people the following question:

If you had the opportunity, would you or would you not want to live and/or work in any of the following 42 countries?

It turns out that the most popular countries with Brits out of the 42 on offer, which included 27 EU countries, were Canada and New Zealand.

Of the 27 EU nations, Sweden was the most desirable destination, with 52% of British respondents saying they either want, or potentially want, to live and/or work there. Following close behind are the Netherlands (51%) and Italy (50%), then Ireland (49%), then Denmark (47%) and Spain (47%), and France (44%).

Is it an age and Leave/Remain question?

According to the report, age had a clear effect on the responses; the older a respondent was, the less likely they would want to move to or work in another country. The Brexit voting response also had a direct correlation, with Leave voters less likely to consider living or working in every country than Remain (in the EU) voters.

Though Remain voters were younger (and therefore potentially more likely to want to move or work overseas), when the result of the poll was controlled for age and education (Remainers typically have a higher level of education), Remain voters were still statistically more likely than Leave voters to consider moving to the majority of the countries listed.

Perhaps, then, the whole Brexit question of reciprocity isn’t such a big deal for Brits who are thinking of emigrating. Or is this YouGov sample not relevant? What are your thoughts? Do you think free movement to the EU for Brits is essential or not really worth the fuss?

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