Changes in Global Migration – how will this affect you?

Over the past couple of years extremist views and parties have become more popular. Residency rules are being tightened, working visas are becoming harder to obtain – and terrorist attacks are happening randomly, without warning, across the world. How will all of this affect the migrant population?

Image of a wire fence with a borders closed sign

Can nationalism work? What are the latest on the UK/EU negotiations relevant to me? How will Americans living overseas be impacted by Trump administration policies? How will the Syrian refugee crisis develop across Europe and what does that mean for other foreign nationals in these countries? What is social media’s role in all this? What are other people’s views?

Here at Angloinfo we are seeing a significant increase in the number of questions and discussions around these issues from our members in the English speaking expatriate community looking for information or simply looking to voice their opinion.  We want to devote a platform to share relevant information about the changes happening and how they might impact our community. We know that the more people join the ongoing conversations around these issues on our user forums, comment threads and Facebook pages, the more valuable the content will become.

Already in the pipeline for this new fortnightly blog titled “Spotlight on Global Migration”:

       Coverage, reaction to and analysis of national elections

       Expert Q&As with immigration and other Government departments

       Interviews with global economists on the impact of tighter migration laws

       Latest advice from consulates and embassies

       A ‘Staying Safe Abroad’ feature

       Spotlight on expat small business owners and the challenges of the current climate

As always, we are really keen to hear from you. You might want to write a post yourself – and if you find something that comes from an official source please share it with us. You might want to check if some hearsay bears any truth. You might have some insider information to set a record straight. Let us know what you want to hear about and we’ll try and address it.

Please get in touch HERE and look out for this new blog.