United States tax matters can be confusing to even the most seasoned American expat. In addition, although they may not realize it, foreign persons with US connections may also be impacted by US tax issues. Many non-US persons have a connection to the USA in some manner. Perhaps a family member is married to a US person; perhaps a family member has been studying in the US and may decide to remain there or to get a green card. Other connections can exist such as the desire to purchase US real property as an investment or a vacation home; or a desire to invest in the US securities market; maybe the family has a business which is now taking on US connections, for example, by selling goods or providing services into the US. In any such instance, US tax issues must be considered and planned for.

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The Sky’s the Limit: FBAR Penalty Win for IRS – Recent Case Upholds 50% of Account Balance

I have been keeping readers up to date with the current controversy surrounding imposition of an FBAR penalty for “willful” violations.  Two courts have limited the FBAR “willfulness” […]

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Court Slams IRS: Can’t Assess More Than $100,000 “Willful” FBAR Penalty

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) must be fuming over the recent court decision in United States v. Colliot (W.D. Texas, Austin Division, Case No. AU-16-CA-01281-SS).  The case was initiated by […]

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FBAR “Willful” Penalty: Recent Case, Taxpayer “Charged With Knowledge”

I blogged recently about the fact that mounting court cases have given the stamp of approval for the Government to meet a lower “burden of proof” in demonstrating […]

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The J5 International Tax Hunt is On….

Many countries are waking up to the fact that offshore structures, financial instruments, cryptocurrency and other advances in technology, when inappropriately used, are fast outwitting their tax collectors. […]

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Americans Abroad – May Legislative Relief Be Forthcoming?

I have blogged extensively about the US tax problems faced by Americans living and working overseas (for example, see my posts here, here and here). There is a […]

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Passport Revocation Update: Over 436,000 Taxpayers Meet “Certification” Criteria

Many of my readers already know that one’s US passport is in serious jeopardy if a taxpayer has what is called “seriously delinquent tax debt”.  First, some brief […]

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Form 1040: Similar to a Postcard, But …With (LONG) Letters Attached

Looks to me like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is doing the “shuffle”!  The new version of Form 1040 for 2018 certainly looks shorter, but closer inspection shows […]

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US Tax Perils of International Community Property

US tax liabilities and requirements to file US tax and information returns are impacted by community property laws that exist in many foreign countries across the globe.  Today’s […]

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Form 5472 – Everything You Need To Know (Part II)

Last week’s blog post covered some basics about Form 5472, including how the Form helps the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) learn about foreign-owned businesses in the US […]

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Form 5472 – Everything You Need To Know (Part I)

This tax filing season brought a wave of questions about Form 5472.  Interest in this complex form was renewed because of recent Treasury Regulations requiring that it be […]

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