Renewing Your ITIN? Here’s Where to Get Help – IRS Tax Tip 2016-2

I subscribe to IRS updates. IRS sent this newly issued tax tip to me just today. I could not find it online yet, so have reproduced it in its entirety below:

As the year-end draws near, taxpayers with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number set to expire are encouraged to start the renewal process now. This will help to avoid delays at tax time. The IRS issues ITINs to people with a federal tax filing or reporting requirement who don’t have and cannot get a Social Security number. 

Find help renewing an ITIN here:

  • The IRS website has information in several languages to assist with the renewal process. Taxpayers can download Form W-7, Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, and complete it following the instructions. Then attach the required documentation to the form and mail it to the IRS. Only original documents or copies certified by the issuing agency are accepted. The IRS returns documents to applicants via standard U.S. mail within 60 days of receipt and processing of the Form W-7.
  • Acceptance Agents.  Certified Acceptance Agents and Acceptance Agents submit Forms W-7 on behalf of their clients. Rather than mailing the IRS important original documents, taxpayers have the option to work with an IRS authorized CAA. The CAAs review documentation for taxpayers and their spouses as well as passports and birth certificates for dependents. Acceptance Agents complete the Form W-7 and send the original documents or previously certified copies of the documents to IRS for processing.
  • IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers.  Taxpayers may submit W-7 applications in person with original documents at designated IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers. Employees at designated TACs certify original and certified copies of passports, National ID cards and birth certificates. Service at the TACs is by appointment. Schedule an appointment by calling 844-545-5640. See for a list of designated TACs that offer ITIN document authentication services.

Those who have received a renewal letter from the IRS can renew the family’s ITINs together. Family members include the tax filer, spouse and any dependents claimed on the tax return.

Additional IRS Resources:

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I received a comment on this blog post via email. The comment is worthy of reproduction. The comment related to this portion of the IRS tax tip: “The IRS returns documents to applicants via standard U.S. mail within 60 days of receipt and processing of the Form W-7.”

The commentator said: “It does not.  At least twice, the IRS returned documents to me and my wife by sea mail from Germany to Japan after delays far exceeding 60 days.  USPS was not involved in those mailings, regardless of what you call standard.

 At least once, the IRS did not return a document to me.

By the way, at least twice, the Social Security Administration did not return documents to me.  And when they did return documents, they did so by mail from the US but still not within 60 days.

If a person has to apply for an ITIN, whether renewal or not, they’d better only submit certified copies which they can afford to lose.”


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