Little tricks to stay healthy in spite of HK’s chaotic lifestyle

Back in Austria I had my own tiny but clean kitchen where I would prepare food for myself. I am often lazy so I would usually prepare very simple meals. Also, I like simple foods; dark bread with avocado or simple steamed veggies of the season and hardly ever bought packed foods like sandwiches. I would sin with a coke or so when I was hungover, but avoided sodas the rest of the time. 

Since I moved to Hong Kong three months ago, all this has changed. I don’t have a kitchen that’s inviting enough or properly equipped to cook. Most of the time I buy packed foods on the way home and I drink sodas for a quick sugar overdose when I feel dizzy from the heat. 

To keep the balance, I have started adding a few tricks to my daily routine that help me keep my body non-acidic and healthy. One of them is to add apple cider vinegar to my drinking water. It’s very simple and efficient and doesn’t cost you any time at all. Simply buy a bottle of apple cider vinegar in an organic food supplement shop and then add as much to your drinking water as your taste buds allow. 

I don’t mind a sour taste, but since it’s vinegar you can add as little as you like, it will still have a beneficial effect on your body. As soon as I drink vinegar water my sinuses start to cleanse themselves (especially important for those with allergies and everyone living in areas with rather polluted air). I’m immediately more awake and can literally feel how the apple cider vinegar helps my body to bind toxins and flush them out. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties apple cider vinegar is also a great remedy against infections of the gut that especially foreigners who are not used to the local foods and hygiene standards often contract.

Another great food supplement that helps me stay healthy and keep my body fitness up is spirulina powder (green algae powder). Green juices in HK are available at every Prêt-à-manger and a few really good but expensive juice shops, but at around $60 a bottle, I can’t always afford to buy them. My quick fix is to add a teaspoon of spirulina to my morning water (I mix vinegar water with spirulina) for my daily dose of iron, magnesium and other important nutrients to keep my body working at its max and deal better with my food sins. 

Advice: When buying fresh juices in little street fruit shops I avoid fruit that enter the mixer with their peel on as most of them contain pesticides that I don’t want to ingest. At home I always use a veggie wash or soak fruit and veggies in apple cider vinegar before I eat them. Eating pesticide treated veggies once may not harm your body, but eating them every day can have devastating effects that will only be visible one day in the future. Think smart now and keep your body alkaline so cancer has no chance to develop.

If you buy one food supplement buy magnesium. It helps your body to regulate your hormones and will keep your energy level up during the day. It also strengthens the heart, which is especially important if you have a stressful job or exercise a lot. And last but not least: good old lemon water to cleanse your tissues from toxins (stay away from sugary drinks like lemon tea served everywhere in HK or ask for the sugar free version). I usually don’t drink lemon tea in HK as the lemons come unwashed and surely contain pesticides in their peel. 

Don’t stress about every bite you eat or drink, but try to keep a balance, and enjoy your day! 🙂


Kristina Judl is a yoga teacher living in Hong Kong.