My product picks from the Natural and Organic Products Asia show

I want to share with you my absolute new beauty and health favs, which I found at the Natural & Organic Products Asia Show that took place from Aug 31-Sep 2 at the HKCEC in Hong Kong. There was so much choice, so I’ll limit myself to only those products that I personally really felt were outstanding. 


This first drew my attention because of its handy retro-style frosted coloured tubes. But I didn’t just like the Australian cosmetic brand for its looks! Botany offers products that are 100% petroleum and paraben-free, containing no sulphates and preservatives and they haven’t been tested on animals. Its Face Creme Rose has a watery-smooth texture and is quickly absorbed by the skin without being sticky, or leaving your skin looking shiny. The smell of roses is absolutely enticing and makes you feel like you’ve just entered a luxury spa. The fragrance of mandarin and vanilla body butter will make you feel like a goddess! 

The Facial Scrub Rose brings a sparkling sensation to your skin, leaving it soft, hydrated and smooth and the Damask rose and orange blossom face mask freshens the skin up with a cooling spark and will turn your cheeks to a healthy rosé colour! 

So far, every time I’ve used a Botany product I’ve felt psychologically uplifted by its smell and my skin feels soothed, moist and fresh. Botany definitely picked a matching motto for its aromatherapy products: The worlds purest choice! 

I cant wait to test its massage oils, face and body scrub, face cleanser, moisturiser and spritz… all infused with the power of aroma oils and 100% chemical free.


My second fav is Juice Beauty. It was invented by a female wellness entrepreneur in her forties, after she first experienced hormonal changes and first lines on her skin. Together with chemists and microbiologists in California, her goal was to develop skin care that can live up to our skins capacity, to absorb 60% of all the good ingredients placed on it. The company produces cosmetics with an antioxidant and vitamin-rich juice base, combined with other powerful skincare ingredients. So far, I’ve tried its Moisturiser – soin hydratant and Anti-wrinkle Booster Serum, from the Stem cellular line, and loved both! The booster serum has a cloudy texture that feels like a cream-gel and is quickly absorbed leaving your skin feeling juicy and energised. The moisturiser, with fruit stem cells and vitamin C infused into a resveratrol (an antioxidant that protects cells against oxidative damage) replenishes, restores and renews your skin instantly. The collection is suitable for mature skin but also dry skin (like mine) and pregnant women. Other promising sounding Juice Beauty products I want to try, are the instant eye lift algae mask, green apple age defy moisturiser and peel full strength. 


There were dozens of food supplements available to try, of which I’d heard of most, but I’d never seen or tried bee pollen granules like the ones produced by Sukiri. The wonder-granules contain all essential amino acids (amino acids are pretty much at the core of every metabolic process in your body making them essential for the optimal storage and transport of nutrients like water, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins etc.), folic acid (cannot be produced by the body itself, but is essential in cell division and DNA production), minerals, carotenoids (antioxidants) and 28 enzymes (chains of amino acids). These will leave you feeling energised and rejuvenate your cells in stressful times. Instead of nibbling on sweets or chips, grab a handful of tasty bee pollen granules! I was surprised how good they taste and they are fun to eat too, as they are crispy and fill you up quickly. Sukiri also offers Wheat and Barley Grass powder and capsules and many other organic food supplements that will boost your health!



Talking of bees: being somewhat lazy and tired by nature (low blood pressure) and always trying to overcome that zombie feeling within, I also really enjoyed the energising effect of Soria Natural fostprintPLUS Energy Booster. This is made from propolis, royal jelly and ginseng, and reloads your batteries instantly! 





And last but not least, I simply love Pukka teas! Knowing them from Europe, I was thrilled to see they are now available in Hong Kong too! From licorice & cinnamon to the calming ‘love mix’ with lavender and chamomile, I could try a new flavour everyday! All mixtures are organic and were grown in small family businesses around the globe. After a long and busy day I am going to enjoy a cup of Pukka night time, now with silky-sweet lime flower.