Quick health hacks for your next junk trip

Summer is here and I am enjoying it on a holiday in my beautiful home country Austria, travelling back and forth between the lush countryside and my fav chill out zones in Vienna like Naschmarkt, a market place with cool bars and all kinds of oriental and local tidbits. I also like hanging out along the Danube river for swimming and relaxing in our city beachclub. In between my countryside garden-yoga and my urban meetings with friends I use a few health hacks that I want to share with you. They will help you keep your balance when the weather is good and the next junk is calling for you.

The first is a product called Party Smart that I purchase at Kerala Aurveda Shop in Vienna. They have an online-shop where you can order the pills but they can be ordered online on other sites too. A pack of Party Smart contains 10 pills with strictly natural ingredients, among them is phyllantus extract, which helps to protect and detox the liver. You take one pill with your first glass of alcohol and the active ingredients will support your body to degrade the alcohol more efficiently and relieve hangover symptoms the next morning. The pills are not recommended for pregnant women, and side effects together with other medication haven’t been studied. Also, the product won’t keep you from feeling intoxicated. You will still get smashed on that junk trip! But, as long as you don’t totally over do it, you’ll feel less like a total mess the next day! I tried them and have found them to be quite useful. I felt less exhausted the next day after a night out of dancing and booze. 😉 

Also, don’t forget to bring enough water and use those cucumbers, and not only for your gin & tonic. I recommend cutting cucumber slices at home and bringing them with you to the beach or junk. They won’t go bad in one day and you can add them to your water bottle (don’t forget to drink the water too!). Staying hydrated will help your body to stay strong and flush out toxins as you party along. Your skin will be grateful for this too, as cucumbers contain minerals that act as electrolytes which are vital for a functioning body and the liquid regulation in your cells. You won’t overheat as easily and will feel generally better if you drink a glass of cucumber water with every glass of alcohol.

Lemons are an easy feel-good hack too, for when you’re drinking and partying in the heat. The antioxidant effect of the phytonutrients contained in lemons will keep your energy levels up and detox you as you sip on your glass of wine. Lemons alkalise your body and energise the liver by dissolving poisons and liquefying your bile. So grab that lemon slice and squeeze it in your chardonnay!

If you’re a smoker, you might want to try raw garlic with olive oil for your post party detox : Use four to six garlic cloves, put them in garlic press and mix with a few spoons of olive oil. Toast a piece or two of bread and spread the garlic/oil mix on it. Garlic contains potassium, a natural toxin killer, and will help your body to cleanse itself after too much alcohol and cigarettes. Also, add a few drops of oregano oil to your glass of hot lemon water and cleanse your respiratory system from mucus! 

I always protect my skin when on a junk or on the beach and usually stock up on a 100% botanical sunscreen called Biotique. I love their Bio vera sunscreen because it smells delicious, and it has an easily applicable texture that really hydrates my skin too. I use the body lotion also for my face as it is rather liquid and quickly absorbed.

Finally, here’s one yoga pose for your hopefully not too hangover day after the beach:

The legs against the wall pose (Viparita Karani) is great in the morning to get your lymphatic system going. It helps with fatigue and refreshes you.

Move your hips close to the wall as you lay in bed and keep your legs up and against the wall for a few minutes. You can push a pillow underneath your hips and back to make it more comfortable. Breathe deeply and focus on the exhalation, which will affect your parasympathetic nervous system and help you wind down (when you’re nervous system is strained from the alcohol). Now, get up and grab a fresh green juice or a coffee somewhere.

Kapalbhati is a fast paced breathing exercise to reap the benefits of exhalation. It will help you energise even, get rid of brain fog and start your day.

Take a deep breath in, exhale and pull your navel in. Keep exhaling, about 20 times or as much as you can very quickly without inhaling, all the time activating your abdominal muscles. Then relax the abdomen and let the breath flow in automatically. Close your eyes and relax for a moment or two. Do two more rounds.

Happy summer and enjoy your next junk trip! 🙂