Staying in your grid

When recently I went through a period of emotional imbalance, a friend recommended I watch some YouTube talks by Esther Hicks, an American inspirational speaker. These really broadened my perspective and helped me get my strength back. They also made me think about what ‘staying in my power’ really means, and how easily we forget that our life force flows (and wanders off to) where our attention goes. When your energy is focused only on the outside – on everything but yourself, who you truly are and what you truly want – your immune system weakens. Apart from negative thinking, a poor diet and a lack of exercise, letting your focus go astray will deplete your physical body energetically and create indispositions. When your attention is not on your body you are more likely to get ill. Meditation and yoga are great tools to get that attention back in your body.


What does ‘staying in your grid’ mean?

Staying in your grid means that you learn to focus your attention on only what you truly want to attract in your life. In order to do that, you first have to become aware of all the things that you are trying to keep away (what you are resisting against, what you fear). Whenever you are focused on the things you dislike or are not receiving, be it love, attention, certain behaviours in others, you are actually sending information out to the universe, like a frequency, that attracts precisely these things.

It’s actually very simple. You attract everything – all the things, situations and types of people – which you maintain on the mental and emotional screen of your attention, no matter if they are wanted or unwanted. I was feeling really imbalanced and started questioning myself about a situation where someone wasn’t making me happy. And I noticed how this kind of thinking brings me out of tune and takes my energy away.


Positive focus

When I shifted my focus, understanding that my happiness doesn’t depend on another persons behaviour, I quickly felt better, and more tuned into my general well-being. A positive focus can alter the way you feel significantly. The important thing is, not to wait for good things to happen. Direct your attention towards them, as if they already existed, and you will manifest them. Take your attention off everything that doesn’t feel good and your frequency will change.

This requires a bit of self-introspection at first, and honesty towards yourself. For example, if you attract people that back away from you after a short while, maybe you are sending out the wrong signals. This means focusing first on being the person you want to be, in order to attract a person on the same wavelength.

The tricky thing here is to be ready for things to happen. If your frequency actually says: I am not ready, I fear to be happy, I fear to be strong, you can’t complain and lament, and blame all the gods and the universe for not being given what you seek. You simply won’t receive all these things if your point of attraction is not in sync with your hidden beliefs and the emotions attached to these beliefs.


Try it for yourself

Next time you’re on the MTR on your way to work, try this simple exercise: Instead of expecting people to bump into you, push you and step on your feet, say to yourself that everything is already going fine. Speak in the present to yourself: nobody is hindering me from getting where I want to be, nobody is pushing me, people are giving way for me to pass. I tried it recently and it actually worked. To my surprise!

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to remain calm and not have aggressive thoughts on the MTR in Hong Kong, especially when you are already late or during rush hour. But give it a little try. The more often you practice, as with all things, the better you’ll get at attracting situations that let you move through life more smoothly and reside in your full life force, allowing you to be happy and healthy! I promise. 😉

Green pot

Helping your body stay healthy

During the cold season, these are my two must-haves:

Zinc: Even if you’re already doing everything possible to keep your life force on a high level, there are a few amazing boosters for your immune system that will help you get through the cold season. My best friends in winter are zinc supplements. Zinc increases the production of white blood cells and therefore helps us to fight off colds and flu. It also helps to kill virus cells more quickly as it stimulates apoptosis, also known as programmed cell death.

Neti: A Neti is a kind of pot used in Ayurvedic medicine that is filled with saline solution and used to clean our nasal passages. Since our sinuses are the first place where winter infections enter, using a Neti is a practical tool to fight off bacteria. There are ceramic Neti and cheaper plastic ones that can be used for travelling, as they weigh less.

Fill your Neti with water (distilled or boiled) and add a bit of sea salt or pink salt (antimicrobial properties) to it. Stir and then introduce the spout into one nostril (the upper one), keeping your head inclined to the side and your mouth open (to facilitate breathing). The saline solution will come out through your other nostril (the lower one) cleansing your nasal passage from all kinds of dirt and bacteria. Use half of the liquid and then switch sides.

It might feel at first as if you’ve been hit by a wave in the ocean and swallowed seawater, but you’ll get used to it and will enjoy the feeling of having fresh sinuses. If you have an infection the salt might burn a bit. You can use a Neti daily when sick, or otherwise around three times a week as a preventive measure.


Winter is coming… but now you are ready for it!