15 Signs You’re a Spoilt Expat

It’s that time of year for the summer exodus – when schools end and many expats return to their home countries during the hottest months in Hong Kong. Sure signs are the Mandarin Oriental and the Four Seasons et al offering three nights for the price of two and British Airways offering one way upgrades to First class.

For many it’s a good time for some back to earth grounding after “living in the bubble” of expat Hong Kong. Some of you may have already left and won’t read this until September but it seems apt to reflect on when you know you’ve become a Spoilt Expat:

1.You feel you can only live right in the middle of the city where everything is a short car ride away.

2.You can’t imagine getting on public transport ever again.

3.You get annoyed when the maid leaves the shower head in the wrong direction after cleaning.

4.You get annoyed when service staff get in the private elevator at your condo instead of the using the service elevator.

5.You no longer feel sorry for the maids sitting out on bits of cardboard on a Sunday. Now you just want to avoid these areas.

6.You can’t face another tiny, Cathay Pacific economy seat.

7.Come to think about it, why does Cathay have to write ECONOMY in such huge font on their tickets?

8.You can’t imagine returning to a time when you don’t have top tier status with an airlines frequent flyer programme.

9.You’re disappointed about not getting upgraded from Economy to Business (short haul).

10.You’re disappointed about not getting upgraded from Business to First (long haul).

11.You can no longer be bothered to ask for VAT refund forms when you shop in your home country unless it’s for something hugely expensive.

12.And you can’t face queuing in the VAT refund queue at the airport behind the Middle Eastern and Chinese families with tons of receipts.

13.You can’t imagine slumming it in the BA Business lounge.

14.You think the First Class lounge is too full.

15.The Concorde Room is the only way to go.

Have a great summer. See you “next term”.