Best Hotel Swimming Pools for a Long Hot Summer in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, like London, New York and Paris, tends to clear out in the summer months local population wise. If you’re not joining the annual max exodus and are staying in Hong Kong over the summer you’re going to need a swimming pool. When we moved here we eschewed a condo for a cool, converted mansion block. And while I still love our chic little apartment, as the hot and humid weather kicked in I started to feel a little stir crazy in my mid levels eyrie and began envying the swimming pool on the doorstep that your friends and colleagues may have in condo.

Easy, we thought, we’ll join a club, that’s what everyone does in Hong Kong. Only it wasn’t so easy: the corporate places held at spots such as the Ladies Recreation Club were already maxed out by my husband’s colleagues but that’s another story *clenched teeth*. And we baulked at paying around £50,000 for joining the American Club (even if the waiting list wasn’t so long we could have feasibly left the Fragrant Harbour before we reached the top of it).

Then as one high powered American woman quipped to me about said club: “I didn’t come to Hong Kong to hang out with people from Ohio.” Ouch! But I digress, as a result of all this I’ve become something of an expert on Hong Kong hotel swimming pools. While there are some gorgeous ones such as the Intercontinental (outdoor) and The Peninsula (indoor with a view) that can only be accessed by booking a spa treatment, here are my three favourite outdoor pools on the Island where you can buy day, monthly or yearly membership. The Ritz Carlton (indoor and on Kowloon) is also pretty funky, especially at night. You’re welcome.

The Four Seasons

The location, an outdoor terrace with a unique view of the harbour, is a showstopper and the scene is altogether ritzy. You could while away hours here.

Grand Hyatt

Generously proportioned so you can swim some decent lengths but still interestingly shaped. Feels like you’re in a resort until you glimpse up at the surrounding skyscrapers which is a nice combination.

Island Shangri La

Nestled in Pacific Place, this is a hidden little oasis among the high rises. A good place to escape.