Entry level hikes

If you’re a new transplant, Hong Kong has likely made a few impressions on you already – from the thriving nightlife and culinary culture to the ‘survival-of-the-fittest’ approach you’ve inevitably learned to adopt when navigating the crowds on a Sunday afternoon. On further inspection, however, you’ll come to learn that the city offers much more than just urban past times. Hiking is one of the city’s favourite hobbies. Here are some great introductory hikes to wear in those new boots…


Dragon’s Back

Aptly named, this trail scales up and down the peaks of the south-eastern edge of the island, with stunning views of Big Wave Bay and Shek O. A word of warning – start early to avoid the scorching heat (much of the trail is open to the elements) and to beat the crowds, unless you want to join a queue of pedestrian traffic on the hills.

Time taken: 1.5 hours

How to get there: MTR to Shau Kei Wan followed by the number 9 bus. Alight at To Tei Wan.


Sir Cecil’s Ride

A short and leisurely hike, Sir Cecil’s ride runs from Quarry Bay to Wong Nai Chung Gap. This hike offers alternative views of the harbour and city skyline, and the promise of fewer fellow hikers on the trails. Those looking for a lengthier hike or to rack up those cardio points can continue along the Hong Kong trail over Jardine’s Lookout and Mount Butler.
Time taken: 2 hours

How to get there: MTR to Quarry Bay Exit A. Walk uphill to Mount Parker Road.


High West

This circular route starts with a series of short, sharp inclines and declines, while the rest remains relatively gradual. Starting from Cyberport, hikers pass through Aberdeen and Peel Rise towards Victoria Peak, before following signs to Harlech Road and Along Mount High West, leading back in the direction of Pok Fu Lam.

Time taken: 2.5 hours

How to get there: 30X from Central Exchange Square to Cyberport Bus Terminus.


Tai Long Wan

You’d be forgiven for forgetting you were in Hong Kong at Tai Long Wan – Sai Kung’s picturesque beach with endless white sand and crystal-clear waters. Its beauty has been maintained (no doubt thanks to its relative inaccessibility), but if you’re up for the challenge, it’s more than rewarding.

Time taken: 1.5-2 hours

How to get there: MTR to Choi Hung followed by minibus 1A to Sai Kung Town Centre. 29R minibus or taxi to Sai Wan Pavilion.


Bowen Road

More of a stroll than a hike, stretching from Mid-Levels to the southside, Bowen Road is a relatively flat but 4-kilometre jogging trail. This is the perfect place for a quiet morning or evening run or a family-friendly weekend walk.

Time taken: 1 hour (walking)

How to get there: Number 9 minibus from Exchange Square. Alight Bowen Road.