Giving back: volunteering in Hong Kong

In-keeping with the season of giving, it’s important to remember to give, not only to those in your life, but also to remember those most in need. No matter your skillset or time constraints, there are countless opportunities to give back to your community. We’ve picked a few of the organisations that are looking for English-speaking volunteers so that you can do right, and feel good about it, too.


Hands On HK

For those starting out

Hands On HK is a great website for those who are just beginning to look for charitable organisations to get involved in. Hands On lists the opportunities available within a calendar of upcoming programmes, including information on the charity and the dates, times and frequencies that they are looking for volunteers, so that you can coordinate ahead of time.  Sign up for an account so that you can stay up to date on upcoming opportunities and sign up for new projects.


Helping the Helpers

Helping the helpers

Founded in 1989, Help for Domestic Helpers is an organisation that was created with the aim of providing legal aid, social care and assistance to domestic helpers in the region. They’re looking for volunteers with a legal background as well as fundraisers and participants in their charity initiatives, including sponsored walks, for the outdoorsy types.



Making a home for those without

Crossroads is an organisation created to distribute relief supplies to victims of disaster relief, hunger and poverty more than 20 years ago, Crossroads continues to expand and to reach those in need of the equipment that many take for granted.  Collecting furniture, household equipment, medical supplies and electrical equipment, more than half of the collected items are distributed throughout Hong Kong, because after all: help starts at home.


China Coast Community

Caring for the elderly

China Coast Community is a home for elderly English-speaking residents with a long-term, personal affiliation to Hong Kong. China Coast are looking for people to help them in their quest to make the community feel like just that; a family, and are always on the lookout for volunteers to conduct classes, share skills and provide services. These have ranged in the past from hairdressing to yoga to musical performances for the residents.


Hong Kong Dog Rescue

Puppy love

True to its name, the Hong Kong Dog Rescue is a refuge for four-legged friends in need of a new home. For the last 13 years, they have been saving and caring for dogs, providing food, shelter and medical treatment. You can get involved in numerous ways; relying almost entirely on private donations, a helping hand with fundraising and donations is always welcome. They are also looking for volunteers with experience in design, photography, accounting and more, as well as fosterers and adopters who are ready to make the commitment and welcome a new life into their home.