Hong Kong’s best coffee shops

No matter how long you’ve lived and worked in Hong Kong, there comes a time when everyone starts to feel like a desk jockey, stuck in the daily grind and in serious need of a caffeine fix. When another Pacific Coffee or Starbucks just won’t cut it, head to one of the city’s independent coffee shops, and boldly go where no run-of-the-mill brew has gone before…


Cupping Room

With a handful of locations across Hong Kong island, the Cupping Room quickly grew a reputation for some of the best-brewed mugs in the city. Perfection takes time though, and this is not a place to frequent if you’re in a rush – tables are often full and the brewing process can’t be rushed. But if you’re headed their way on a lazy weekend morning, it’s well worth the wait.



The friendly team of baristas at Why50 deliver hits of caffeine to patrons in need, opening eyes and quickening heartbeats. Why50 is also a great lunchtime spot, offering all-day breakfast dishes, open-faced sandwiches and the highly-sought after avocado toasts.


Elephant Grounds

What grew from a small idea between two entrepreneurial friends has developed into a network of five cafés across the city. Elephant Grounds’ ethos is to step away from the mass-produced, flavourless cups of joe and to create brews that are high on quality and flavour, complimented by fusion lunchtime dishes and a range of signature ice-cream sandwiches – the perfect snack for the summer months.



Part café, part library and full-on cinemagoers dream, Kubrick offers up a plethora of visual stimulants, from the quotes that adorn the walls to the movie literature and magazines that line the shelves. If that’s not enough to get your heart racing, its espresso should do the trick.


OpenDoor Café + Courtyard

A stone’s throw from the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Playground, OpenDoor Café + Courtyard’s lofty ceilings and numerous artworks create a warm and welcoming space. With a menu of healthy, filling snacks and its unique almond milk lattes, this is the perfect place to while away an afternoon.