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If you pass by me in the streets, will you notice this lady of Asian descent who looks local and yet feels foreign, walking in her high heels and her skirt just looks a little too short

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Landlord Bully – from Sham Shui Po to Pacific Place

Have you ever been a victim of landlord bully? Perhaps one day as you come close to the end of your tenancy, you are informed that your rent […]

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The Survival of the Fittest

As a woman living in Hong Kong, statistically, I stand to have the longest life span for women in the world at 86.7 years beating the previous record […]

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Cheap shopping

With crazy rents and run of the mill shopping malls, is it still possible to find bargains in this crazy city? How do you cope when it is […]

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AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines: safe to travel?

One  way good about living in Hong Kong that it is a travel hub and has a reasonably good selection of airlines; major and budget one that you can […]

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Occupy Central : breaking my heart and opening my thoughts

Occupy Central (OC) has been going on for over a month with no sign of a resolution. From a mostly supportive and empathetic attitude towards the cause and […]

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I wonder, I wander…Yellow or Blue ribbon?

These few days, whether you are a local or a foreigner, no one can ignore the presence of the ‘Occupy Central’ movement that has put this concrete jungle […]

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How to date a girl (nicely) without breaking the Bank!

Hong Kong is no doubt one of the most expensive cities in the world. Some even consider Hong Kong girls as materialistic and worst still; many suffer from […]

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How hongkongnese are you?

Like catching a flu, hongkongnism could be contagious.  Depending on your cultural immunity, the Hong Kong bug may have entered into your living system without you even noticing […]

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Which Brand for Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong , like many parts of Asia like Singapore,  Japan or China, consumers are very much driven by brand names. However, does one really know his […]

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Sorry you have “expired”!

In my 20’s, I often heard a this Chinese saying ” Man at 40 is a flower, woman at 40 is discarded tea leaves”. Wow, that sounded cruel but when […]

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