Cheap shopping

With crazy rents and run of the mill shopping malls, is it still possible to find bargains in this crazy city? How do you cope when it is is towards the end of month and you have not much left, and you need to keep whatever you have to pay for food and bills; and yet you feel you desparately need your retail therapy?

I am a shopaholic, but do not have a banker to pay my credit card bills.  What should I do? Maybe I can go Taobao, plenty of cheap stuff there, but it doesn’t give me instant gratification as I need to wait for my stuff to arrive; and there is always a chance that the actual goods is not quite what I imagined it would be.  God help me, what should I do? Where should I go? 

Luckily I have discovered a local shopping center which is simply a gem when it comes to cheap shopping. I am still a ‘ brick and mortar’ shopper,  and online shopping just doesn’t do the trick for me. I like to walk around, seeing , feeling , touching and smelling things. I guess that is what the 5 senses are for; for real experience rather than virtual ones.

My favourite ‘down to earth’ shopping hangout is Kwai Chung Plaza. Whilst it is not famous like Lady’s Market or Temple Street; it has all the ingredients for a few hours of girlie shopping. Fashion clothing from HKD50 to a few hundred ( if you buy from boutiques that claims to sell Korean imports); earrings for HKD10 onwards, Korean skincare and make up at discount prices (20% approx) compared to chain stores like Watsons. Shoes , bags,cute socks and trendy phone accessories are all there for your choosing. There are also kids clothing and if your little girl likes to dress up as Frozen,  I saw them selling at 2 for HKD120 last week. 

Don’t expect high quality but do expect to find all shorts of  trendy fashion and if worn well, nobody would think you have managed to dress yourself up with a budget of a couple hundred dollars!

And if you get a bit hungry after the shopping, Kwai Chung plaza also has a great selection of shops that sells Asian snacks from Japan, Thailand and Korea and a variety of food stalls that sells fish balls, pizzas, crepes, sushi to noodles.

Kwai Chung Plaza is situated right next to Kwai Fong MTR station. So why not, pop on the MTR now . Happy shopping and happy eating 😀

P.S. Pls bring cash or your ATM card, most shops there do not accept credit cards.