Conducting financial due diligence or finding love?

An expat Chinese once told me about his experience with local Hong Kong ladies. He stated on the first date, she would  ask you what do you do, how much do you earn, etc. Naturally, he finds this experience quite off putting.

A Malaysian Chinese told me that whilst he was working out at a gym, and was approached by a local Hong Kong gal. Once she heard he is a corporate lawyer in the financial field, her eyes gleamed, offered her mobile number and send him a pictue of her to make sure he does not forget her.

If you go to certain parks in China e.g. Beijing, apparently you would see parents advertising for their sons, with details on education, professional and property ownership and for daughters the same thing, but perhaps more emphasis on appearance and character, plus the education and profession but not property ownership.

A single man from China commented during an interview on a local TVB show ” Bride Wannabes”, that he finds Hong Kong women much better and believe in love as they would marry you even if you don’t own a property.

I read a joke on the internet some years ago, where a beautiful girl in her mid 20’s asked on the web, how she could find a boyfriend who earns at least x amount a year as she has no problems finding boyfriends earning lower than her targetted income. Some banker apparently responded to her question, and told her that the reason for her plight was whilst he as a man is earning more and more and is an appreciating asset, she is getting older and older and therefore gradually turning to a liability. Of course, that comment was made before the Leyman Brothers incident 😛

I was looking at a Chanel bag one day, and a female friend asked me why don’t I get  so and so to buy me one. Well so and so is a friend so I would not do so.

Another girlfriend told me I would frighten the guy away, as I just responded to question from a male friend on whatapps on what I was doing then. I told him I went shopping at Harvey Nichols and bought two pairs of shoes. Should I have answered I was shopping at Park n Shop and bought two rolls of toilet paper instead?

One  man commented that he is looking for someone younger woman because skin condition etc would be reflected in age.

A well established professional man in the Hong Kong medical industry, once accused of raping an university student, made the following comment on women. Women in their 40’s may look very good when they are well dressed; but that would be the conditional factor in their ‘looking good”. Maybe that is why he decided to examine the student undressed.

Whilst women seem to count the figures of his bank account, men are counting the figures on her body.

What has happened to seeking love, just feeling the chemistry and let things flow. Have we forgotten how to do this? As a teenager in high school, did we ever do all these calculations? Does he have to buy you this and that  in order for you to love him? Is laughter no longer sufficient? Are you looking for a gal  who really cares for you and your family  or is she another ‘showpiece’ to show off to your friends because she is 20 years your junior?  

Laugh, love and communicate. A message for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Good luck to all and to myself 🙂