Hong Kong Charitable Organization: SAC

Through a meetup group; I have come to know a local Hong Kong charitable organisation known as SAC or The Society for AIDS Care.

Whilst many AIDS organisations emphasize on education and prevention, SAC is an organization that focuses on service delivery to AIDS patients and their carers. With the advancement of medicine for HIV patients, many are able to live a normal life with continuing treatment. With their Mother-to-child-transmission prevention program, many children are born HIV free. There is life and future for many AIDS patients and their families.

Providing care to AIDS patients is not an easy task. Raising funds for such an organization is even more difficult. Generally I believe Kong enjoys a reasonably caring society; and many of its residents and corporations are more than happy to provide donations to a variety of charitable organizations ranging from services for disadvantaged children, care for the elderly, welfare for animals, or funding research for cancer. The charitable acts of Hongkongers are not only extended to local welfare organisations but to international charitable groups such as Medicins Sans Frontieres, World Vision, etc, etc, etc.

However, if there is a social hierarchy for charities, maybe a charity for AIDS patients would stand on the lower end. We normally do not question why we need to provide services and welfare to the elderly nor would we question why we need to provide care to lung cancer patients or heart disease victims, although it may be their lifestyle that have caused their medical problem. When it comes to AIDS patients, moral questions emerge, and for many of us, the reasons how one contracted AIDS becomes a key to whether compassion should be shown. Why are we more understanding to cancer patients, heart disease victims and yet, can become judgmental when it comes to AIDS patients. Are they not all suffering from a medical condition that we have not yet been able to find an effective solution to prevent or cure.

Whilst the issue of AIDS is often related to the sex industry or the homosexual community, we must not deny that statistically more than 1 person in Hong Kong is contracting AIDS daily. It is important note that For those who are suffering from this medical condition, they are entitled equivalent services and care rendered to patients of any other medical condition.

SAC has been providing services to AIDS patients and their carers since 1994. Government funding is limited and with increasing demand for services and pressure from rent increases, please provide a helping hand. SAC will be holding a Charity Walk in April and I will provide more details closer to that date. Looking forward to your support.

You can also find further information on SAC on their website/facebook, and for the statistic of AIDS in HK, please go to