How hongkongnese are you?

Like catching a flu, hongkongnism could be contagious.  Depending on your cultural immunity, the Hong Kong bug may have entered into your living system without you even noticing it. Here are a list of typical hongkongnese symptoms. For treatment, you may need to return to your hometown for a period so that you don’t become totally hongkongnized that going home after your employment contract  ends  (or your spouse’s) seems an impossible option

1.   Housework means giving instructions only. Execution is rarely needed. Your FDH is your executor.  Since adopting this mode of operation, you nails are perfect every day. Your extent of hongkongism is extreme if you have two FDH (foreign domestic helper) so you have full time help 365 days per year.  You suffer a milder version if you have one FDH.  If you do not have any FDH, are you really living in Hong Kong??  If you only have a part -time FDH then you are well prepared to go back to your home country whilst still enjoying a bit of Hong Kong convenience. But p.s. your part-time FDH may be working illegally. You may wish to reconsider getting legal part time local helpers.

2. You do not say “thank you”at the supermarket cashier. Com ón, time is precious, who bothers about such unimportant manners; after all the cashier is paid to do her work, and whether you say thank you or not, she/he gets paid the same. I recently went back to Sydney and realized that I have almost forgotten the art of saying ‘thank you’. This is bad; I need a longer stay in Sydney for a lesson in  manners.

3. You are always in a hurry. Your footsteps are quick no matter in flats or stiletto. As you hurry, you are constantly brisk walking;  but if you stop for one moment why you are in a hurry, you actually may not have a reason. Other people walk fast, everyone walks fast, so I too walk fast.

4. You can’t  remember when you last read a book as you have totally adopted reading means browsing facebook, playing the latest games or at best, read tabloid news. Culturally and intellectually, you become more and more naive. You may be able to say the stock number of a company but not be able to name the author of a famous novel. Please do not stay in this cultural desert. Jump out now. Dymocks is just round the corner and ebooks are at your fingertips too. 

5. You have more pictures of food than pics of your husband or wife or boy/girlfriend. Yes Hong Kong is a great place for gastronomy, but just because you are a foodie, do not forget the beautiful companion who is with you in this fancy restaurant. She/he deserves your attention more than that dish. Your date  is the memory that you will cherish in the long run and not your latest review in Openrice.

P.S. I am so glad to date, I am immune to the “China bug”; my biological breaks are always taken in the Ladies room