How to date a girl (nicely) without breaking the Bank!

Hong Kong is no doubt one of the most expensive cities in the world. Some even consider Hong Kong girls as materialistic and worst still; many suffer from “princess disease” too. Whilst this is definitely an over generalization, but when you do meet this nice girl, you would want to bring your date to a place that is not just decent but somewhere you both would enjoy and then you can count that this would not be your last date with her.

With Hong Kong having  more than it’s fair share of pretentious restaurants with price tags to outrage you; there are surprising some very good 5 -star hotel options that are very reasonable and I have enjoyed all these venues personally.

BluBar, Four Seasons Hotel.

This is one of my favourite bars in Hong Kong. Being in IFC with its own terrace overlooking the Victoria Harbour, not only do you have a great view of ICC with its changing lights;  being a Four Seasons hotel establishment, service is always impeccable.

So what ‘s so special about Blu Bar, there are tons of Hotel bars with nice view, good service and an equally nice price tag to go with their drinks. You may think this sounds more a way to break the bank then to save the wallet.  Well it all depends on when you visit Blubar. During 5 to 8 pm every night, the Blubar serves a complimentary mini buffet with dim sums, mini burgers, veggie sticks with dips, etc enough to fill your stomach. So tell your lovely girl you will  meet her at the Blubar of the Four Seasons hotel after work, order a drink and enjoy the view and food.

Buy drink and get “dinner”free at a 5 star hotel; it sounds like a good deal to me 🙂

 Woo Bar, W Hotel

Yes, it is another bar. Maybe I am soon sounding like an alcoholic to you; but isn’t it nice to enjoy a drink with the lady of your dreams?

Unlike the Blu Bar which I recommend you to go in the early evening, for the Woo Bar, please go at 8 pm on Wednesdays. Reason is they have a great Wine & Cheese event  “Wine-derlust” every Wednesday from 8 pm to 10.30 pm, where you can enjoy free flow from a good selection of bubbles, white wines and red wines and cheese, cold cuts and grapes. At a fixed  price of HKD278 per head, it is a good deal  and be sure to book as this is a popular place.  Enjoying wine in a hip bar,  cool music by the DJ and looking into the eyes of your date, with the cost of the nite capped , it is definitely a fun date with cost management well taken care of.  The only thing left to manage is how much you shall drink since it is free flow!!

Felix, Peninsula Hotel 

The Peninsula is a Hong Kong classic.  It is Hong Kong’s oldest hotel and set in a heritage building,  everytime I walk in,  I feel the sense of luxury reminiscent of a bygone era, a air of romance that I cannot explain and you would know, this is the perfect place to be with the one you love.

Naturally this grand classic comes with a price tag; but luckily it is not as pricey as one would have thought. Every evening, Felix situated on the 28th Floor, serves an early dinner menu (3 courses) for $398 per head. Being served between 6 -8 pm, this dinner is perfect to witness the picturesque harbour changing its tones from blue to orange due to the setting sun, before the neon lights take over to splash colours over the dark skies.

After your early dinner you can always opt for a stroll along the harbour (free)  or catch a 9 pm movie (curently there is a 50% off every Thursday & Fridays with AMEX Platinum Card at Broadway Cinemas – you can stroll to the cinema at The One from the hotel)

P.S. Remember to visit the rest rooms of Felix  for “pee -panorama”.

Wish you all a nice date.

Love from Lady in the City.