I wonder, I wander…Yellow or Blue ribbon?

These few days, whether you are a local or a foreigner, no one can ignore the presence of the ‘Occupy Central’ movement that has put this concrete jungle in the spotlight of local news, international news and social media. It is the first time, this banana who has adopted Hong Kong as her home for the past 10 years and more, felt a discomfort for the future of this city. I am scared that the very foundation of peace, prosperity and freedom that this city beholds, of which I have grown so fond of, will diminish in front of my eyes. Since the start of the discussion of Occupy Central, I have been an opponent of this. It is not because I do not value democracy, but I love the city too much to let its economy and people can hurt from such a movement. You may call me an coward, that I am conversative and not an activist, but this is who I am. I believe in participating in legal demonstrations in an orderly and peaceful manner. Perhaps I am too idealistic and naive to believe that democracy can be achieved progressively through thoughtful and peaceful advocacy. Obviously the student and some  parties of Hong Kong do not thin8k the same and took a more pro-active approach.  However it is this tolerance of different voices that keeps me loving this city.  I do not feel the pressure to conform, to choose between the yellow ribbon ( support democracy and its current activities?) or the blue ribbon (support the police to do what they have to do).  I value Hong Kong for still having the right to gather, the right to demonstrate and  the right to speak. To me, these are as important as the right to live and love.


To the students and others who are still ‘Occupying’; your ideals are noble but do you have to do it at the expenses of the economy? Do you know the pains of business owners, of which many are small and medium size businesses, that cannot withstand a prolonged movement that drives the city streets almost  empty instead of its normal business activity. The fact we can affford this society of relative affluence so many of our children have  tertiary education, is because we have these hard working entrepreneurs who have helped built what Hong Kong is today.  Let there be peace. Let there be tolerance and patience. Hong Kong will fight and win its quest for democracy. Please allow Hong Kong to return to its buzz and let our city work, live and love llike we have always done.  The streets are for traffic not for sitting. 


Tonight I wonder what tommorrow will bring. Tommorrow I wander off to another continent for a break. As I wander , I know my heart will still be here, with my mind wondering and worrying for the people in Hong Kong.  


To dear Hong Kong, do not let emotions get over your head. May peace be always with you.