Love Lost, Love Found, Watch Stays

I have always been attracted by second hand watch shops. They just catch my attention whenever I walk pass one. I have an unexplanable afinity to them. To me, second hand watch shops are microscopic museums. The ones I have visited are often small quaint shops and inside them, they are filled with stories untold and a record of fashion, bygone wealth and love.

Your eyes are drawn to these watches and your mind start wondering how they end up in these display cabinets. Have their owners stopped loving them or they stopped loving the person who gave them the watch; did their owners need money; was it an unwanted gift or merely a watch that was never sold and has sat patiently in a display cabinet of one shop to another still waiting for someone who will finally appreciate the beauty it endows.

My favourite is ladies watches from the 1950’s. Their faces are tiny, and as I age, it becomes more and more difficult for me to read the time from these minuscule faces. Tiny they may be, but they are big on style, beauty and history. My mother was an actress of that era. I found her to be the most beautiful woman I have seen. I look through her photos, the aura she holds is beyond anyone I have ever met. A classic beauty as one of my friends described. Perhaps due to this, I have fallen in love with that era. 1950’s , an era that I have never experienced, just deeply admire and a dainty 1950’s ladies watch represents just that. I can’t see it clearly enough , yet I love it. One cannot buy time nor can you hold on to time. The only thing one can do; is only to buy the instrument that represents time.

My favourite 2nd hand watch shop is a little one in Causeway Bay, aptly named ‘ Good Old Times”. It seems that the shop has read my mind. The name “Good Old Times” exactly reflects how I feel about the past. The 1950’s that seems to be good old times but whether that is true, it does nto matter. To me that era will always be Good Times. My mother was at her peak of her career and beauty. She unfortunately suffers from dementia now, but she would still sing in a way that is so representative of the style in the 50’s. God bless her.

P.S. a few days ago, I walked past a second hand watch shop, one that I have never been to before. It sells more contemporary second hand watches like Paneri, Rolexes and Cartiers from the 80’s to present time. My eyes landed on a Chopard Happy Diamond Sports Watch. I owned this watch some years ago and discarded it, when the love for what this watch represents was lost. Within minutes, I bought the same watch again. I am not sure whether this means that I love the watch after all, so even if the sentiment for it was lost, it doesn’t matter anymore or have I forgiven the person concerned??

P.P.S. Good Old Times is located in World Trade Center in Causeway way. Take a look. It’s a gem.