One Way to Rate Hong Kong men ( women) or perhaps universally

The below rating for men  is just for fun:

 Rated as water:

We all need water for survival. These are men whom you cannot taste  the difference between one from another. Although one can become a water connoisseur, I must admit I have not invested the time to acquire such expertise. I would fail the water test, blinded folded or not. Whilst water is needed for survival, because we have options to drink tea, wine, etc, it has not become as essential as one would have thought. Due to tastier options, the “water” men are usually not required and almost always forgotten.

Lesson learnt: men may not be essential.

Rated as tea

As a Chinese, tea drinking is almost habitual. You grew up with tea and having tea with your dim sum and other Chinese meal is a unquestioned ‘must’ and without tea as the complement to our Chinese meal, a discomfort is felt. So for men rated as tea, they are the friendly type whom you can easily relate to  and  they give you a sense of security that they will always be there. The problem with some of us is, we may take the “tea” man for granted, just like you would always see that teapot on the table when you have dim sum. Only when the tea is no longer available, you notice that you missed him but it is too late, as you have already eaten dim sum without your favourite tea. You will bloated and uncomfortable. When a new teapot arrives, you realised that the tea leaves are different, the water temperature is different and you miss your old tea.

Lesson learnt: Don’t take your tea man for granted.

Rated as wine

Wine can be simple and refreshing, or complex and interesting. They are my love. The year, the soil, the grapes, the climate all leave their marks on the wine. A man rated as wine is usually expereinced. With positive and negative life experiences, the sheer complexity attracts you and you are drawn to taste him more and more. You think about him, long to see him and just as you don’t drink wine all time, this man seem to appear and disappear. When they are present, you  will find the right glass;  you look at the wine, smell it and take a sip and savour it in your mouth. You take the time to feel and enjoy the taste.

The wine men is enjoyable. Some go for easy to drink wine. Others go for more complex ones. The choice is yours. The problem comes when the wine man is not there for you, just like the way you may not be able to have wine at all time or at all places.

Lesson Learnt: Wine man can be great only if they are also willing to be your ‘tea’.

Rated as drugs

Pure bad news. Abusive ( physical or emotional), insensitive, selfish. Beware the drug man usually presents himself in a deeply attractive way and before you know it; you find yourself in an emotional trap. If you had a taste out of curiousity, it is time for you to make your departure. As you know, curiousity kills the cat and I am not sure you have 9 lives to spare. The best way is to get out is ‘cold turkey’. No need to learn any lesson from this, avoid or simply get out ASAP if you are with one

Rating for Women ( contribution from a non- Japanese man)

Rated as Sashimi

Sashimi are the boring , cold, raw tasteless ones. And one needs lots of wasabi to enjoy. ( I am sure he is refering to low grade sashimi :p)

Rated as Sushi

Sushi, a little better but still cold though

Rated as Sake

Sake are the complex ones. Make you feel warm and can be enjoyed hot and cold.  And has aging potential.

Rated as Barracuda

The barracuda : stay away as they are too fierce. Beware as they can sometimes take the form of a goldfish to trick you.

And final words  from me, ” Have fun seeking or appreciating the woman/man of your life in this concrete jungle”