Sorry you have “expired”!

In my 20’s, I often heard a this Chinese saying ” Man at 40 is a flower, woman at 40 is discarded tea leaves”. Wow, that sounded cruel but when I was young, I quietly agreed to this statement. In your 20’s, you are dynamite and aging seems something that is so far far away.

Nowadays I hear this statement, 40 is the new 30, I guess if this is true then 50 is the new 40 and so on. Wow that is encouraging, since instead of  “big numbers”   being the distant future ; 20’s was the distant past.

Slowly even in this concrete jungle, where Asian values are well preserved despite the western appearance, you hear of cougars, and see an increasing number of celebrity mature aged  moms in the local scene.  So has the world really changed?  Are our eyes really opening to see the beauty of the mature woman the way we have chosen to taste mature wines?

If the values of society are indeed changing, then I wonder if the values of the traditional matchmaking companies in this concrete jungle have changed?

A test was done with two local celebrity matchmaking companies with wide exposure in the  local media.

Test 1: A Hong Kong matchmaking company with a local website and the company owner was featured in one of the match making shows on local TV.

The website invites interested parties to fill in a form. On the show, the company owner, a very mature woman made a statement that men in their 40’s are looking for women in their late 20’s to early 30’s. Men in their 50’s are looking for the same group of women.

A lady in her 40’s filled out the form on the website. No answer was received. The company lives to its statement. I guess they are not interested in such “tea leaves”.

Test 2: A Hong Kong match making company with a match maker who is interviewed on radios etc.  The match maker is a woman who looks like she has passed the mid 30’s. For this company, one is invited to leave contact numbers rather than fill out your personal details on a form. A number was given. Within a couple of hours, a phone call was received. The following questions were asked:

“How old are you?”

“Do you have children?”

“You have indicated an age range that you are interested in which included a range that is younger than you and a range that is older than you” Are you willing to go beyond the older age range indicated?” Sorry we do not introduce men who are younger than your age. We can only consider you for men who are more than a decade older than your age.

The lady politely thanked the company for calling back.