The Survival of the Fittest

As a woman living in Hong Kong, statistically, I stand to have the longest life span for women in the world at 86.7 years beating the previous record holder of the Japanese women at 85.9 years. So what contributes to this long life expectancy in this acclaimed polluted and stressful concrete jungle?

I think it boils down to a few factors:

Forced Power Walk daily, five times a week, over 50 weeks per year, for 40 years

Have you ever tried to walk slowly during peak hours at a MTR station? With the daily morning and evening rush, at an acquired power speed, no matter whether you are in heels, flats or runners, you become an expert in brisk walking. With consistent training of this power walk ritual Mon to Fridays, as a working adult, I get to join this free cardio training for 40 years. Thanks to overcrowded stations and unanimous speed of every crowd at almost every MTR station, I do not have to worry about any breaks of my power walk training even if I changed jobs.

Small to Smaller Food servings (and smallest yet to be seen)

With all the concerns whether the typical Hong Kong “teahouse’ lunch is up to standard for being lean and healthy, the industry has improvised to provide smaller and smaller servings to give the result of a healthier meal. When everything in taken in moderation, even the bad becomes not so bad. With everything in smaller size; you eat less , your intake of fat, msg and salts naturally decreases. Shouldn’t we all thank the restaurant owners for helping us with our diet and in case this is not enough, many restaurateurs take the extra mile to increase the price tag whilst reducing the size, so even if you wantd to order extras, you cannot afford to do so.

Tiny to Tinier flats (and the tiniest yet to be built)

Our developers are also fully considerate of our health. Imagine if we lived big houses, have big refrigerators & big beds, wouldn’t this give us plenty of opportunity for obesity? By providing miniscule kitchens, restricting the bedroom size to fit a small bed that needs to utilize the space of the window sill; all efforts are made to ensure that all of us have no extra space for food in our fridge and better stay in order not to fall out of our tiny beds. Thank you New World, Sun Hung Kai, Sino Land; etc., you are just great in keeping me to my small size all lifelong. So as I walk, and breathe in the pollution of Hong Kong, I am not afraid as my walk, my food and my tiny home are sufficient to keep me in shape for long life.

Thank you Hong Kong!