Who knows better?

Memey sick
Memey in hospital

A while ago two of our kids were sick with diarrhea, and vomiting. Our youngest children, aged 3 and 4 years old. One look on Google teaches us that young children can get dehydrated quickly when they have diarrhea, and vomiting. Even if one frequently gives sips of water, the body looses too much liquids and minerals, so the child gets dehydrated. Symptoms are fatigue, deep eyes, dry mouth, no tears when crying, just a little loss of urine. If this is not treated on time it can have very serious consequences, eventually leading to death. Therefore it is of the upmost importance to bring your sick children to a hospital on time, don’t wait, so they can be put on Intravenous Therapy, and get enough fluids to keep them safe.

Through the IV the children can get medication which will fight the parasite or bacteria that causes the problems.

I brought Memey, and Joshua to a hospital that has a good reputation, and where I come most of the time when one of my kids are sick. It is clean, good educated staff, and comfortable for the kids to be. Is it expensive? Yes it is!

So what to do when your child is sick? Go to a good clinic with professional medical staff, and pay more money, or go to a medium hospital, and pay less? Of course the most important thing is the expertise of the medical staff, the doctors and nurses. That is why I always prefer to take my children to a doctor who is very good, and who knows the kids since their birth. He always makes the right diagnose, and his treatment never fails. But he works in clinics that are quite expensive.

I have tried to see other doctors, when one of the children was sick. Most of the times the diagnose was wrong, or I was send home with medication that didn’t do anything for the patient, and I ended up going back to the clinic to … yes my favourite doctor. The bill I pay with money from our foundation, so donations from sponsors, all the more reason to spend that money well. In this case that is looking for doctors, and medical surroundings that offer the biggest chance for speedy and full recovery. It is my opinion that one never should be frugal when it concerns matters of healthcare, only when there is no other way.

Of course everybody is entitled to his own choice for healthcare, and goes for me too. Just because it concerns children who live in an orphanage, that does not mean they should automatically be satisfied with second class or worse quality care. Just like all loving parents, I like give the best possible for my kids.

As for Memey, and Joshua, they were comfortable in their hospital beds, and got well soon.