the one where it’s spring in italy

sometimes you spend Saturday night going grocery shopping. at a store you can drive to because it has a parking lot which means you can by the 12 pack of toilet paper. and if the gods are with you, you will see more mexican food type products in one aisle than you have seen in the past three years. and you will weep tears of joy.


 and then they will have pickles. can life get any better? Not until you turn the corner and they also have non-Peroni beer. Best.Saturday.Night.Ever.





the suspicious part is that this is written in english…just embrace it people. the italians look better than the rest of us.


i love that all the street cleaning crews use these besom brooms that even the amish deem too old-fashioned.  that’s right, besom brooms. google it.




parallel parking around these parts is not for the faint of heart.


sometimes being here is like living in disneyworld.


i don’t always wear 6 inch heels, but when i do, it’s to work at the grocery store.


seeing these teeny cars never gets old







cascata delle marmore, world’s tallest man-made waterfall







why did the little dog cross the road?




ponte delle torri