the one with the pictures



random wall in siena. maybe it’s not random. maybe it’s very purposeful and an important work of art. i don’t really know. i just pretend i do.


there have been many stencil graffiti faces as of late. i like them. i believe this one to be edgar allen poe. if it is actually  a horrible dictator, please don’t tell me. 
so many pretty sunsets here. it’s probably the pollution.


not me.


you probably think this is a picture of the trees in the early sunlight. and it is. 


upon first glance, i thought this was a figure made of poo.  and i really don’t have any evidence to suggest otherwise.


insert clever caption here


the furniture here is always being swapped out. although currently there is a chandelier and chair from ikea, some days there is a dining room table with matching chairs; other days there is an old fashioned dial-telephone and loft bed.


creepy peeking mannequin. if that was my house i would be worried about it killing me in my sleep.


view from tore del mangia
lazy pants people on much lower structure
400 steps to ring the bell. not that you are supposed to ring the bell.


i love that italy really looks like it’s supposed to-women hanging out of windows and all.


there is always a parade with people in medieval costumes somewhere. always. 


 i never liked fruit until i ate it in italy. it’s very fruit-flavored fruit  here.


as i come from farm country, seeing the perfectly formed rolls of hay never ceases to make me happy. 


rest stop off the highway. i didn’t check out the shower. but i really really really wanted to check out the shower. what’s going on with the shower?