Books and Rome

It is a busy day in the city of Rome. On the metro, people behave in patterns: the tourists usually have an aura about them which is hyperactive, their tourist maps out along with their eye for detail (especially for an architectural facet or something that a native Roman would typically ignore on an every day basis… Except when  boasting about it to Good-looking female tourists!). The others tend to pretty much live on their mobile phones, carried out in their high-tech world and not noticing anything but train stops occasionally. The third crowd surprised me: the book lovers who are reading in their laps the old-fashioned way! the printing industry will have a future if Italy is concerned: people love reading real books, not on iPad, Mac or another such device. 

There are many book shops in Rome, including the antique ones. The National Library collection is also worth exploring and patrons can sign in at the spot. The drawback is that one cannot enter with too much technology, so for all of us Mac-world freaks that may seem like a huge issue, but in reality it isn’t, except for the time which remains the biggest casualty. 

Then they’re are massive book retail outlets, usually with a small cafe inside which generally has a cheaper coffee if you promise to stand on the counter.. Unfortunately only few come with wifi. Were you also surprised about the lifestyle with books? I certainly have. Buona notte, Roma!