Summer flirtations in Rome

Summer in Rome is a very romantic season indeed! Romans, after a long period of home-bound sessions with friends and family, can be seen at trendy outdoor meet up areas. New places open, old ones get a new look, and their visitors now look much happier and more relaxed. What are some of the best summer flirtations in Rome and how to make the most of it?

My favourite going out places in summer-time in Rome are hiding behind piazza Navona. Full of nice bars, home-made gelato places and giant crepes these streets behind the Brazilian embassy offer a world of their own. You can head out to Fluid, an ultra-modern bar with ice-cube short seats looking quite futuristic! Then there is Bar della Pace, always crowded (like Bar del Fico, which personally does not impress at all). A fantastic beer place is several bars down the road, and on the opposite side lie dozens of pizza places. If you dare to head even deeper into this small maze of exclusive shops and restaurants, you will be taken aback and be able to enjoy what Romans do in hot summer-nights: spend time with friends, lovers, or colleagues drinking and eating outdoors. Hundreds of well-dressed youngsters are also visible on the corners, eye-searching for new tourists in town to show off its wonderful sights in a more personalised manner!

If you are a girl walking along Roman cobble streets in the +28 degrees evening, munching on your long-awaited gelato, at a moment when you are totally immersed into your new activity a tanned Roman would stop you and say “Where are you frrrrom, bella!?”. This happens to most girls in Rome, whether they are here for work or pleasure, especially in summer when hormones are flying high! The levels  of un-wanted attention in Italy are huge, and whilst many are in for a quicky with tourists others come across as spontaneous, happy, bubbly and fun to be around. Perfectly-cladded boys, waiting near the most significant monuments, offer to acts a guide in turn for a drink with the girl they’ve just met. Thousands of American, Russian and European students flock during the summer season to Eternal city in order to pursue their dreams or get some experience in the fashion-architecture-or tourism industries. Whilst summer flirtations in Rome can be very tempting, be careful with whom you interact. Always follow you instinct and go only up to the point you feel comfortable with alongside much more experienced Romans many of whom wear their heart on their sleeve. Relax, enjoy, smell, taste and experience but watch your wallets and credit cards – at all times.