Seasons of mellow. …….

I have never really liked Autumn in the UK.  It also meant dull grey days, slippery  pavements full of rotting leaves, biting winds and everywhere reminders that we should be getting our Christmas shopping done! 

Here,  there is not a hint of an impending Christmas because there are still other very important things to celebrate What could be so important?  Why Chocolate and Chestnuts and Olives  of course! 

Italy is a country and culture dominated by food and they celebrate every harvest however bazaar it appears. And why not!  I’m fully in favour it!  Not only is it much more fun and much more sociable to attend a festa on a dark Autumn evening than to sit in front of the TV, it also provides an opportunity to try different foods and different recipes.  Of course Umbria is still very much in tune with the seasons which is something we have lost in the UK where we expect to be able to eat strawberries in December.  This, I think, makes one really appreciate a new food when it arrives. 

Now chocolate I can live without so the Chocolate Festival in Perugia was visited a couple of years ago simply because I hadn’t been before!  I did enjoy the amazing chocolate sculptures although the attraction for most people would be all the free samples ….if you can through the crowds! 

Chestnuts and olives, however are another story.  I love both! 

My first taste of the chestnuts this year (Castagna) was yesterday when I purchased some of the tiny sweet delacies on display in our local Alimentare. About the size of a large chocolate they are mousse, shaped and patterned to look like a chestnut and extremely rich. Couldn’t help wishing I had some whipped cream at the time. Would have gone down a treat! 

Tonight we will be attending the Sagra della Castagna in Preggio so watch this space !  It’s our first experience of this festival