Bare foot in the …..

Reckon I’m now a fully fledged ‘Barbarian’ in the eyes of the visitors to our village festa tonight since I was earlier seen wandering around the streets in peasant style dress, windswept hair and bare feet! I was actually trying in vain to get a reasonable signal on my phone and just happened to become mixed up with advancing drummers!

Today has been the a day of either bad or nil reception for one reason or another. I ran out of credit in the middle of a Skype call on my iPad and the TIM micro sim we got for Mike’s iPad didn’t activate yesterday as promised so I spent an hour in the shop today trying to sort it out. They couldn’t get the thing to work either but didn’t admit it! I wouldn’t mind but anyone would have thought it was MY fault by the attitude of the assistant! I shall have to look up suitable phrases for future occasions. My Italian doesn’t currently stretch to scathing comments. Of course now its too late to Skype or phone anyone, the signal is great!

Apart from that the day has been delightful! A wonderful walk this morning followed by an afternoon in Castiglione with Charlie and Luke tasting wines and different cheeses and salami, wandering amongst the olive groves and down by the lake. Pretty hot! 36C in the shade.

Its now 11pm and I’m sat outside amid twinkling fairy lights enjoying the manoeuvres of cars arriving and departing from the festa. Since the road narrows to get round our house its really great entertainment especially when a police car advances causing a chain of cars to reverse at great speed. The drums and bagpipes in the distance are mixed with pop music and chatter from passing cars. Ive lost count of he number of prams and push chairs being pushed past and I’m now extremely good at giving directions to the Bancomat!

Think its probably time to call it a day!