Brr! It’s Cold!


Yes!  That is snow on the hill behind Assisi! 

So we have rain again today and its cold and raw. It’s incredible how quickly the weather has changed this year. It appears to have gone straight from Summer to Winter missing out Autumn altogether. Ten days ago we had blue skies, sunshine and day temperatures in the twenties. Then virtually overnight the thermometers were registering only 9C! Night-time temperatures have been as low as -2C and on looking out of the window this morning we saw snow on the top of the mountains! The climate certainly has changed.

Assisi, which in summer seems like the hottest place on earth, must have been the coldest and windiest on Sunday! Perched high on a hill it is very exposed and so open to the elements. Everyone was well wrapped up except for the character below who was still walking round in bare feet.


While I’m on the subject of clothes …… it seems to be necessary to wrap up even more in Italy than in England once summer has departed. The reason being that once out of your own house you just NEVER have the opportunity to warm up again! In England it is frightfully cold outside but we are constantly popping into shops and bars where it is just the opposite. Offices are hot. Banks are hot. All indoor areas are hot.

Here, NOWHERE is hot. Everyone keeps on their coats even when eating and drinking in bars. Public places like banks snd offices are heated to a minimum. The assistants in our Insurance Company offices today were even wearing scarves! Our local shops in Castiglione and Passignano are small independent businesses ( often with the door left invitingly open) so they are also cold. So, take heed, those of you who have only visited during the summer!    It’s not all sunshine. BUT I still love it.  You just have be prepared , appreciate the positives AND have a sense of humour! 


                                                             Still an incredible view even on a wet miserable day! 

And, to see the funny side ……….  it could mean I don’t need many changes of indoor clothes. Just warm coats, boots and scarves. If I’m never going to remove these outer layers no one is going to see what I have on underneath anyway!