Ciao Umbria!

36 hours, 20 minutes and 10 seconds to go! 

After six weeks of dreary, grey, cold, drizzly weather I can’t wait!  I know I’m going at the time  when the weather in Umbria will probably be turning but it’s just not the same.  At least one can guarantee at least a couple of sunny days and blue skies! Of course it’s not just the weather that beckons me.  I miss everything SO much it hurts!  

The beautiful rolling hills, the charming towns and villages, the food (especially the sausages and Chingiale!) the wine, the lovely people, the language, the peace and tranquility.  I cried the first time I left when I was eighteen and I still feel the same! 

In 36 hours I will be exhilarated by the breathtaking views  on the road to Castel Rigone where, in the evening I will watch the sun set over Lago Trasimeno.  In the morning I will wake to the familiar sounds of cicadas and the chimes from the church and enjoy a custard doughnut and Americano at the local bar.   My hour in the gym will be exchanged for a walk along the beautiful Preggio road and later in the morning I will park my car by the marina in Passignano while I stock up on delicious local salami, cheese and fruit.  A few hours reading or sketching and then it will be time to meet friends and bring the day to a wonderful conclusion in one of our favourite restaurants where we will be greeted warmly and treated like long lost friends.  Of course, that’s just for the first couple of days back!  It won’t all be a picnic! 

Just 36 hours to go!