Flowers, Flags and Festas!




I love Passignano!
It’s location is perfect. Nestled on the banks of Lake Trasimeno, the largest lake in central Italy, surrounded by hills and verdant counryside with views of Isola Maggiore and Isola Polvese.
To me it is the town of flowers, flags and festas! In Late July it’s streets are emblazoned with reds, oranges and greens with flowers trailing from every window box and archway. Flags further add to the colourful array heralding the annual Festa, Palio della Barche.
I felt apprehensive prior to today’s excursion as this was my first visit ‘out of season’. Would I be disappointed seeing it on a blustery Autumnal day?
I needn’t have worried. Different, yes. But still enchanting! It did feel strange wearing a jacket and ankle boots but at least sunglasses were still required!
I walked along the promenade fascinated at the sight of the usually tranquil Lake Trasimeno covered in noisy, angry waves and bobbing ducks, its frothing surf threatening to drench me!
The views were quite spectacular with the gentle muted tones of the old town buildings in sharp contrast to the dark clouds.


A couple of years ago Passignano was voted ‘the best town to live’ in the whole of Italy! It has certainly mastered the art of providing excellent modern facilities whilst maintaining the charm, tranquility and traditions of its old town. The transport system is excellent with regular bus services, a railway station within five minutes walk of the centre and even a regular ferry to Castiglione and Isola Maggiore. In addition to a hospital and the usual shops and commercial properties expected in a town, there is an abundance of excellent restaurants. numerous bars, hotels, camping grounds, a marina and beaches plus shaded lakeside park and childrens playground.
Despite all these modern facilities, it doesn’t appear commercial. The lovely old town with its rabbit-warren of narrow, meandering streets, stairways, little piazzas and archways confer a magical and ethereal atmosphere particularly in the evening when golden rays from magnificent sunsets flood the buildings. The ancient walls, castle and majestic towers are all well preserved and there are the most beautiful trecks and incredible panoramic views just a few minutes walk out of the town.


And which bar do I choose to frequent?  Well, it’s not the one most popular with either tourists or expats!  It’s the conservatory bar, Gran Caffe.  Why?  Because we always get a lovely welcome.  Because of the relaxed atmosphere and because I think it has the best Gelato in the area!  Also to be considered is the fact that they don’t charge you double to sit down!