I remember reading somewhere that ‘getting out of bed on the wrong side’ and subsequently triggering off an unfortunate sequence of events happens because the initial bad experience of something ‘going wrong’ producesnegative  thoughts which make us less careful, less interested and so more likely to make bad choices thus giving rise to further mishaps during the day.

I don’t agree! I think that some days someone ‘up there’ or more likely ‘down there’ really has a jolly good time making life difficult!

Take yesterday for example. Definitely some Gremlin at work!

We arose at 1am to catch our flight only to find the motorway exit closed and a diversion necessary. This was definitely some gremlin at work as it was reopened about two hours later! Still, we got there in time so all ok and the day got better and better as, on arrival, Perugia was bathed in glorious sunshine!

Then followed big welcomes from the airport staff (my husband must rank in their most frequent traveler bracket) and a rather long stay in the bar. This is becoming quite a regular occurrence due to unforeseen events like losing car keys, flat tyres, car being locked in compound etc. Today it was windscreen wipers or rather the lack of windscreen wipers! They must have been desperately needed by some other motorist. Maybe some other guy had taken his? After all, Italians don’t really use them much ……. !

We weren’t unduly bothered as there was no sign of rain so we loaded up the car, made a couple of phone calls and then ……. a blinding flash followed by a huge roar of thunder and ……… rain! Luckily storms here, although very spectacular, don’t last long so off we trotted, back to the bar which was now deserted apart from a couple of airport staff, for a beer and really yummy piece of pizza! Our car was re-parked on the road outside the airport.

On returning to the car we found a rather official notice from the State Police stating that we had parked illegally! It requested that we did not park there again “verticale ed horizzontale ”  …..the mind boggles! 

Eventually we arrived home tired but happy.  Living in Italy has taught us to see the funny side of life ….  and the Gremlins didn’t win!