If you go down to the woods today …….




I posted this photo on my Facebook page a while ago and asked if anyone could see something other than a dead tree! No one could! Maybe its because I love wood sculpture that I tend to look at trees and imagine what I would turn them into if I could carve! Since I can’t, I decided the next best thing was to re-create the image I saw in a mixed media piece of art.  Below is the result!  The Old Man of the Woods! 

The photo was taken at the edge of the pine woods in Castel Rigone, (our Italian home) a charming hill-top medieval village on the banks of Lago Trasimeno. 
The woods are my favourite location on sunny days.  I love just relaxing, reading, sketching and watching a multitude of pretty butterflies fluttering overhead.

It’s so strange really that I should be enjoying these woods. I first visited them with my parents when still in my teens on a camping vacation at Lido Trasimeno. They were a refuge when temperatures soared into high thirties and we just wanted somewhere to chill! I dont think it ever registered with me where the woods actually where! I was probably sweltering in the back of the car and praying that we would reach our destination before I had complete melt-down (no air-con, in those days!)

The years went by, I married and two daughters and twenty years later my husband and I decided to buy a house somewhere in this area that we had grown to love. We looked at many without success and then, one day we went to see a little house in Castel Rigone. As soon as we approached the village I recognised the woods! As fate would have it we fell in love with the house, bought it and have lived happily ever after!