Internet iPad and Micro-sim

Just put €5 onto my ‘Tre’ account at local alimentare so 3G up and running again and I’m happily blogging on iPad.  Must get WiFi set up soon but for the time being this works really well. Speed not noticeably slower than with WiFi although do occasionally have to hang out of the window when using Skype!  Thats the fault of our location and not the internet provider! Did lots of research before investing in an account with Tre using but have been generally pleased.  Costs initially €25 for 3GB a month for four months then it’s just a matter of topping up either online or at local shop.  Of course, like most things abroad,  it’s easy when you know how!  Although  my my husband and I have  reasonable ItalIan between us,  had looked up the technical jargon and knew the required tariff,  the initial visit to the Tre shop outside Perugia was traumatic to say the least!  Firstly, the assistant  didn’t appreciate our request to ‘Parla più lento!’ and rattled on at the speed of sound.  She expected us to understand all the details of the lengthy contract and was very impatient wanting us to sign before we had had a chance to read it.   Some advice if you do want to enter into this kind of contract.

  • Take an Italian friend with you! 
  •  Also take the little metal device for  opening the micro-sim compartment because they  don’t have one!
  • Make sure you give your Italian mobile number otherwise you won’t be able to access your account on line.  
  • A passport and  second method of identification is also required.

Then, Happy Surfing!