Just one long holiday???

Isn’t it funny how friends in the UK always think that life over here is just one long holiday???

The other day I was busily wiping down our bedroom walls (we forgot to leave some windows open last time we popped back to the UK so a lovely rash of black spots had developed ) when I received a message from friend in the UK.

“How are you?  Bet you are lazing in the sun over there!”  read the text message.  ” We are all busy working here and the weather is lousy”  it continued!  Luckily for her my eyes were streaming from ghastly chlorine fumes or my reply might have terminated a long friendship! 

So for the record this week we have:

  • discovered our car under its winter accumulation of debri from white roads.
  • cured the walls of their rash.
  • chased up several estate agents in several towns
  • Had meetings with bank managers, builders and accountants
  • Rummaged through numerous bank statements to prove that we did actually pay that bill from the commune! 
  • fitted a new boiler after suffering a couple of days of cold showers
  • re-painted a wall stained from a leaky roof
  • Had the said leaky roof repaired .. or have we?  Did the builder come when we were away as scheduled?  Several phone calls to find out but no answer. ……  

And that’s just the  jobs in Italy! Like lots of English people here, we still have big ties in the UK.  Sometimes it seems like we’ve only just sorted out the Italian house after a couple of weeks away before we need to go back to the UK to sort out the house, children or elderly parents!  For me there’s also work commitments. 

So, that’s the negative side. And the positive? 

  • eating my breakfast watching the sun rise over the hillside.
  • the drive through magnificent countryside no matter where we are going
  • the warmth and friendliness of our neighbours
  • Taking half an hour to buy a loaf of bread because the baker actually engages me in conversation.
  • Youngsters who smile and say “ciao!” when I go past ( instead of giving me the evil eye like most in the UK) and seem to be able to enjoy themselves without getting plastered. 
  • Restaurants that greet me like a long lost friend
  • Having my coffee maker mended free because ….. It only took a few minutes 
  • Living amongst people who actually embrace life fully .. who know how to enjoy every moment 
  • Being able to go for long walks even after dark and not feel afraid. 
  • Good food, wine, weather (except this winter!) wonderful traditions, festivals, 

The list could go on for ever !  

So the transition to Umbria from the UK is not always a picnic and sometimes it can seem like twice the work but would I change it?  Definitely not!  

And wonderful days like yesterday at the Tulip Festival in Castiglione show me that I certainly made the right choice buying a house in Umbria.  

If you haven’t been to this festival then take a look at my blog.