One if those days!


We all have them , don’t we?  England or Italy! 

Those days when one thing goes wrong in the morning and then EVERYTHING goes wrong!  I read some article once which more or less said that we brought most of it on ourselves!  It explained that when the first thing goes wrong it puts us in a negative frame of mind, almost defeatist, and this causes us to make wrong judgements  concerning future events.  Very profound! I’m still not convinced that my hairdryer going up in flames this morning really caused a leak in the bedroom ceiling this afternoon! 

So that’s how the day started and that’s how it ended!  In between?  I obviously had a bad hair day since by the time I had located a replacement drier, my hair had decided to do its own thing.  That did probably put me in a bit of a bad mood which caused me to  unload the dishwasher too vigorously thus breaking a cup and having to get an electrician in made me late going out which meant all the fresh bread had gone! So, yes, this chain of events I can see are related.  But, not the ceiling.  That is just one of this things you have to expect when living in an old house!

But, I wouldn’t change it normally because the place has so much character!  It oozes out of every window and beam.  I love the crooked walls, the uneven plaster, the fact that nothing is regular.  Except, that is when fitting carpets, which we have this winter.   Transported all the way from the UK by Ryanair.  That’s another story!  Italian it may not be but cosy it is!  

But to get back to the hairdryer.  VERY spectacular!  The plug actually went up in flames and I thought at one point my iPad was going to be next but fortunately after a frightening few seconds it put itself out.  I should add that this was an English  hair drier from a very respectable shop so I can’t blame the Italians!  Turned out it was nothing more than a faulty fuse! 

Luckily the socket was undamaged which is good because I can’t cope with having yet another type in our house. We have two different types of sockets.  Some of our appliances are Italian (and there are two sizes of Italian plug)  and some of our appliances are English.  So we need adapters to enable us to plug appliances with new Italian plugs into old type Italian sockets and adapters to plug appliances with old Italian plugs into new  type sockets plus adaptors to plug English appliances into both old and new types! 

Work that one out!