Just arrived back after a couple of hours sketching around the village and enjoying a banana milkshake with crushed ice. I prefer drinkable food in this heat! The blender seemed to be suffering a bit today so I hope its not on the way out. We are due for something to break or go wrong especially as the August Holidays  starts on the 14th and then there will be no mending anything for two weeks!

That does, or did, also apply to teeth a few years ago. Not sure if the same applies now but I can well remember pacing around  at 3am with raging toothache and just willing morning to come so I could visit the dentist! As it happened the only two dentists in Castiglione were on holiday so I was told to go to the A&E at the Ospedale. They pronounced I had an abscess, gave me a shot in the bum and a prescription for more strong painkillers!

We also have a plug stuck in a socket in the kitchen but this is nothing new and happens to Italians as well as expats, not that that really helps but it is nice to know that its not just us! Can’t really understand why the Italian light plug and the Italian heater plug go  in and come out easily from this socket but the fan plug  (also Italian)  remains well and truly stuck! From past experience we know it will involve turning off the electric and prising the plug out of the socket. The alternative is pulling the entire socket out of the wall which is not to be recommended especially when the Feragosto is looming!

Why did I  call this blog ‘Sausages’?

It was because I’ve just given my daughter and her partner their first taste of the true Umbrian sausage and they agree they are just the best ever! I love them all ways! Grilled, dry fried, casseroled and crumbled into a pasta sauce. 

I have, however, refused to cook any more unless someone gets me a little portable barbecue I can stick at the bottom of our steps!(we don’t have a garden being one of the original rustic villages houses). 

Standing over a hot stove in 35C is no joke even though I directed the fan so it blew the smoke out of the door!