Simple Things!

It’s amazing how simple things can deliver so much satisfaction in times of stress!

I’ve just brought in a load of dry washing (hung from the flex outside the window) and its about the only thing that has reached the expected conclusion all day! I’ve spend God knows what on phone calls, 3G , Skype, petrol and probably aged about ten years and achieved what?????

Sometimes, working here is like swimming in treacle! Nothing happens like in the UK and it does take a lot of getting used to! There are lots and lots of laws but sometimes it seems no one takes any notice apart from us and no one gets stressed apart from us!!

People say they will ring you but they don’t!

Or you ring a company at the hour they requested but they aren’t there!

You send an important email but discover it hasn’t been read (two days later) because the inbox is full!

Your meeting is at 6pm but they turn up at 7pm or even worse (and more usual) they have decided to take the day off and will be in tomorrow!

You phone a bank ……… try NOT to phone a bank!  Or, if you do, please be aware that the phone is usually situated on the counter so if there is a long queue waiting to be served ….. !!!!  We have waited as long as twenty minutes without being attended to! 

And of course, if everything else seems to be ok it’s pretty certain that the Internet connection will fail!

Obviously this is why so much alcohol is consumed here!

But the washing dried itself beautifully as expected!