Today can only get better!


Well, after a rough start to today, things just have to get better!

Not sure why I had a restless night cause yesterday was delightful and I had lots of exercise, but a restless night it was! So after checking the clock at 2.30, 3.30 and 4.30 I decided I might as well get up and have breakfast and that was when the wasps attacked. Well, they didn’t exactly attack but since one resembled a giant humbug it certainly felt like it!

I am quite happy with most insect life. I will happily catch spiders, pick up moths and giant crickets and turn over beetles (I never understand why they end up on their backs so often) and can now quite happily ignore the scorpion that lives in our broom cupboard but resists capture!

But wasps! I don’t like wasps and after being stung three times over the last two weeks I’m feeling a little bit targeted! Its incredible how much venom a tiny wasp can inject. It took four days for my foot to get back to its normal size after standing on one!!

So, there I was enjoying some bread and jam when the first lot of buzzing started above my head. Quite a small wasp was trying to commit suicide in the light. Unfortunately it wasn’t successful! Now, our ceilings are very low. So low in fact that if you happen to be 6ft 2ins you will have to duck, so the said light (and wasp) was pretty close to my head and not to be ignored. Luckily it was easily tempted by the remainder of my bread roll but not so pleased when an upturned glass prevented escape.

So, another coffee, another bread roll and off I go again only to be forced to repeat the same procedure with yet another intruder!

Breakfast abandoned I was just about to deposit the pair through the window when, smack, I was hit in the head by this enormous humbug! She ( are there queen wasps like queen bees?) was equally stunned and resorted to buzzing furiously at me from the table. On went yet another upturned glass and I abandoned the lot of them and went off to get a shower.

The water was……cold! We must have had an power cut during the night! So, never mind, I thought. I’ll answer some emails while I’m waiting. …… but, wait for it! My 3G had run out and our alimentare doesn’t open till 7.30am.

But now its 8.30am, the water is hot. The sun is shining. I’ve had an ‘Amaretti Soffici’ to make up for the breakfast. There are no more wasps and I’m connected once more with the outside world!