Have washed, dried and ironed a load of clothes.  Loaded and unloaded the dishwasher. Made breakfast, been to the shop and also made four lots of toasted sandwiched.  researched various places on google. Found appropriate maps and guide books, insect repellant, sun-screen and chilled bottles of water ready to take out.,

Yes! We have visitors! 

They  have been with us now for a week and last night,  although I love them dearly and have really loved having them, I was SO glad when they went off on their own and we could grab an Early night! Those of you who are new to this expat life will soon experience the enjoyment mixed with exhaustion which comes with entertaining during the month of August! 

To us the Italian daily timetable of rising early and going to bed late with a break during the hot afternoons is the norm.  We also complete all energetic tasks (physical and mental) during the cooler earlier part of the day and, if needing to travel also do this either in the morning or after 5pm.  In fact, visits to most places of interest we would keep for Spring and Autumn when they are cooler and tourist free.

Visitors remain on the UK timetable for holidays. Up late and to bed late!  The heat also knocks them out!

There is also a conflict of interests in that we still  have our normal work to do but they are on holiday so totally relaxed ! 

So the pattern is that we arise at 6.30 as per usual and are ready for our afternoon break by the time they are up and ready to go out!  Then off we go in the  hot afternoon sun to our destination where they, fresh fromm10 hours sleep enthusiastically embrace the sights with us dragging behind (we have seen them all about a hundred times before anyway!).  

Then there are the bugs!  We don’t get many being at such a high altitude but there are quite large but very gentle spiders and the odd scorpion and praying mantis. So, here is the dilemma. Do you scare them by pre-warning them to tap shoes before wearing (scorpions love the dark toes of shoes) or do you risk them actually putting their foot on one? Walks can also be quite entertaining. The quiet lanes are pretty but their attention is more on the occasional fly than the view whereas on the roads they are the targets of mad Italian drivers.

Can’t win!