Whisky, honey and a good sleep!


Good to have friends and family at the opposite side of the world sometimes! At least there is another little friendly green tick on Skype at unearthly times like these! Unfortunately contracted a particularly nasty chest infection on last visit to the UK so now trying to stomach a glass of hot whisky and honey to loosen chest and stop a coughing fit. Have removed myself to kitchen so as not to wake hubby. Why do things that are supposed to be good for you taste so lousy? Would have preferred a Whisky and ginger! Actually, we did used to get a remedy nicknamed ‘Wigan Brew’. Think it was manufactured by POTTERS. Not sure if it did any good but it sure delivered a great kick and tasted amazing!
After this episode I have made a vow NEVER to even sniff the UK air again between September and March or at least any of that North of Bournemouth which, according to daughter number two appears to have an entirely different climate to the rest of the UK! The ironical thing is that I’m sure I caught this bug whilst waiting in the surgery for my Flu Jab!
Spent yesterday laid on the bed playing Solitaire and Bananagrams! Now every time I close my eyes I see little letter tiles and a huge yellow banana. The highlight of the day being an episode of ‘Yes, Prime Minister’ watched on iPad which, I must admit, was probably better viewing than either live TV here or in the UK! I just love these old UK comedy series …. ‘Faulty Towers’ , ‘Keeping up Appearances’, ‘To the Manor Born’ and what could be better than using modern technology to store and view them? So cheap too!
Pressure of work has kept me away from our little house here since Sptember so it has become a bit ‘man-orientated’ in the meantime being occupied only by my husband and occasionally our friendly handy-man exported from the UK. This makes things difficult. For a start I can’t find anything! Why are tea-bags now stored on the spoon-rest? In fact why is the spoon rest on a shelf miles away from the cooker? How come the coffee is in the pottery cabinet and the toilet rolls are in my sweater drawer? I can’t locate a pair of scissors anywhere and the cabinet in the anti-bagno is now full of files. So where are all the toiletries that used to live there? Well, they have migrated down into the furthest room on the bottom floor so now when I run out of toothpaste or shampoo or paracetamol I need to navigate down two flights of stairs switching on about ten lights and trying not to become entangled in these NEW curtains which have appeared half-way down both sets of stairs to keep out the drafts.
Then there is the food. We seem to have an amazing array of half-eaten packets of biscuits carefully secured in plastic bags, lots of individual packets of Baghetti (obviously donated by restaurants!) peanuts, cereal, but nothing I can string together to concoct a basic meal!
It’s still good to be back though! Hopefully this Whisky will now let me sleep for another couple of hours and I will wake feeling (I hope) tons better!