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Checking out a Tokyo baseball game

Attending a Japanese baseball game has been on our Japan bucket list since we arrived in Tokyo almost three years ago. Finally, on May 18, we crossed…

A night at the Robot Restaurant

Let’s talk about the Robot Restaurant, a tourist attraction that has gathered many of the intensely Japanese elements of Tokyo and rolled them up into a tightly…

Japan's Internationalization and the English Language

SNA (Tokyo) -- David Satterwhite explains the successes and failures of Japan's internationalization, especially its struggles with the English language. Camera and video editing: Sam King. Series…

Japanese Banks and the Dakota Access Pipeline

SNA (Tokyo) -- Activists call on three major Japanese banks to disinvest from the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Where to Work In iGaming As a British Expat?

Online gaming is not new – the market has been active since the mid-1990s at least. Today, however, online casinos are much bigger, better, and stronger. Online casino gaming…

Three Big Ways to Save Money on Your Expat Taxes

When it comes to filing an expat tax return as an American living in Japan, you’re probably wondering how you can save the most money on your…

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