Investing in Tokyo Real Estate

It’s a great time to Invest in Tokyo Property


Find out how to Invest in Tokyo Real Estate including a full review of all the Steps required…

It is currently an excellent time to Invest in Japan’s Real Estate market. In fact, it doesn’t get much better than the present time to purchase an Investment property in Tokyo. There are several factors that have all contributed to this perfect timing…

First and foremost, the Japanese Yen is at its’ lowest trading value in the past 8 years. Also, the rapid devaluing of the Yen over a period of just 2 years has contrasted with a relatively slow Tokyo housing market correction.

Second, the continued stagnation of Japan’s economy has led to historically low Tokyo property prices.

Lastly, the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics has created a real need and demand for Tokyo Real Estate.

In collaboration with the Leading Expat Real Estate Agency in Tokyo, PLAZA HOMES, LTD., we have created this friendly and easy to use Guide to help interested people Invest in Tokyo Real Estate. We hope you find it useful in making your Investment Decisions.


Step 1: How To Find the Perfect Tokyo Investment Property?

  1. You can begin by browsing here to find thousands of currently available Tokyo Properties. Click here for Chinese language property listings in Tokyo.

  2. Further information can be found here detailing everything you need to know about Buying Property in Japan including taxes, closing costs, etc.

  3. Another great option is to purchase a Tokyo property that already has a tenant. Of course, the main advantage is that you can start collecting rental income immediately after the property purchase. Here is a list of Tokyo Investment Properties that are already Tenant Occupied >>

  4. To ease your burden and help you with this important decision, we recommend you set up a FREE consultation with the Property Investment Experts at PLAZA HOMES, LTD. They will even pick you up at your Hotel. Afterwards, they can provide an Orientation Service in which they will drive you around the area so you can become familiar and also they will advise you about that area’s future plans. In addition, they will negotiate the contract on your behalf to get you the best deal.


Step 2: How To Find A Tenant in Tokyo?

  1. PLAZA HOMES, LTD. will provide a professional photographer to showcase your Property in the best way possible.

  2. In addition, your property will be listed on PLAZA HOMES, LTD. homepage and also garnering exposure on the worldwide AngloINFO Property Listings comprising more than 90 major global cities.

  3. PLAZA HOMES, LTD. will also follow up with expert negotiations between the building owner and new tenant to find the best solutions for all parties.


Step 3: Lease Signing and Documents

  1. All relevant documents will be prepared and handled by PLAZA HOMES, LTD.


Step 4: After Purchase Support and Property Management

  1. PLAZA HOMES, LTD. has a long history of supporting corporate clients and others that are new to Tokyo. They will look after your tenant and all details regarding your Investment Property.




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