Moving to Tokyo? Our Family Recommends PLAZA HOMES, LTD.

Our AngloINFO staff had the opportunity to interview Ms. Samantha Martorelli, a recent client of PLAZA HOMES, LTD.



Please introduce and tell us a little about your background and where are you from?

My husband was a pilot from Varig Brazilian airline. After Varig went out of business,  he got a new job at a Japanese airline company. My family moved from Brazil to Japan in December 2007. We lived in Miyazaki for 4 years and after that moved to the Tokyo area. 


Why did you initially choose PLAZA HOMES, LTD?

A Brazilian pilot friend of my husband told us about Mr. Toshi-San at Plaza Homes. Our friend was very satisfied with the service and with the apartment they were living in Tokyo.


How was your first contact with PLAZA HOMES, LTD?

My first contact was with Mr. Toshi-San by phone. He was very kind and got the exact idea of the house we needed, and about the location of my three kid’s school. 


Please tell us about the Orientation service provided by PLAZA HOMES, LTD?

We came from Miyazaki twice to find a house, and on both times Mr Toshi picked us up at our hotel and drove us around the area. And since my three kids were already studying in Japanese schools in Miyazaki, he looked for a house which the location was very convenient for them to walk to school. At that time, I was not so familiar with the Greater Tokyo area so I was not comfortable about my oldest daughter going by train to go to school. Mr. Toshi really understood my concerns and didn’t give up as he used his GPS to search for a Junior High school, an elementary school and a kindergarten near the house we liked. Then he drove us to the schools to talk with the principals. In the case of the Junior High School, the school year had already begun and we had to order the uniform on that day. So Toshi-San drove us to the store to take my daughter’s measurements with only 10 minutes before the store closed. 


How would you rate the service provided by PLAZA HOMES, LTD?

Wonderful, 100% good. Both before and after we rented the house. Every time we needed anything in the house, Mr. Toshi-San contacted the owner of the house and found a solution in the best way possible. This last month, there was a water leak in a room due to heavy rains. It was a Saturday and our family was on my daughter’s school sports day. So, Mr. Toshi-San spent all day in the house with the staff that the owner sent to fix the leaking roof.


Were there any issues or problems that arose during or after your Home Search process? 

No problems.


Has PLAZA HOMES, LTD kept in touch with you after you moved into your new home? 

Yes, and anytime we needed assistance they help us.


Do you have any tips or suggestions for new Expat/Foreigners moving to Tokyo?

Always try to get information from friends and others who already have experience in Japan. Also, the places and the people around the Greater Tokyo area are great. Always good services and everyone is very open minded to deal with foreigners. My family has been very happy here.


Would you recommend PLAZA HOMES, LTD to new Expat/Foreigners relocating to Tokyo?

Yes, with no doubt.


To schedule an Orientation Meeting to learn more about Tokyo and your perfect home, please contact PLAZA HOMES Expatriate Housing Division at +81 (0)3 3583 6941

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