Restaurant Review – Ippudo Ramen


This is a popular Ramen shop that has several locations around Tokyo and Japan.


The price breakdown was:

                Gyoza (half order)                                                              ¥210

                 Special Ramen Akamaru                                                ¥1100

                 Hakata Tsukemen                                                            ¥850

                Hakata no Chikara Meshi with Soft Boiled Egg            ¥420

Total Cost                                                                                                                      ¥2580 (3 persons)



                                                                               Gyoza (half order)


                                                                        Special Ramen Akamaru     


                                                                                Hakata Tsukemen


                                                       Hakata no Chikara Meshi with Soft Boiled Egg 


                                                                           Garlic Crushing Available



The gyoza was served as a starter and was small, about half the size of “normal” gyoza. It was moist inside and had a nice flavor. Both Ramen dishes were well cooked and had a great taste. We added some spicy sauce and we were sweating a little by the time we were finished. The Hakata No Chikara Meshi with soft boiled egg was sweet with Japanese sauce. It was definitely a good combination with the egg.

The service was friendly and they had an English menu. The kitchen and dining area is a shared space so the customer can watch their food being prepared. We were seated in the only booth at the restaurant. The price was very reasonable for 3 meals. They played Beatles music which I hadn’t heard in some time so it was quite enjoyable to sing along. Also, similar to other Ramen shops, they had garlic available that you can crush on your own at the table. The drink was free, unlimited black tea.

I recommend this restaurant for someone desiring a good Ramen dish.



Ippudo Ramen – TokyoJimmy’s Ratings (scale 1 to 10)

Food Taste:         8

Service:                7

Cleanliness:       5

Presentation:      7

Cost:                     9             

Overall:                                7


Ippudo Ramen

2-9-15 Fujimi, Chuo-ku, Chiba city, Chiba Prefecture 260-0015

Open times:   Everyday 11:00-03:00


TEL         043 202 7729

English Menu available


There are approximately 25 Ippudo Ramen locations around Tokyo.

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