Where to Work In iGaming As a British Expat?

Online gaming is not new – the market has been active since the mid-1990s at least. Today, however, online casinos are much bigger, better, and stronger. Online casino gaming market has flourished like any market that has the potential to deliver highly valued added entertainment to enthusiasts. Today, the online casino gaming, called iGaming, is among the fastest growing markets, in spite of the massive regulations it’s subjected to in most parts of the world. However, the laws are becoming more and more flexible, as governments are keen on leveraging the unique potential of iGaming for economic gains. So, it’s hardly anything to wonder, that iGaming is already viewed as a high potential industry even from an employment perspective.

That explains why more and more tech and gaming enthusiasts are eager to consider relocation options that enable them to move a country where they can seek value-adding employment in this enticing and exciting industry. With some good relocation options in mind, expats can easily research and find out more detailed information about the economy, lifestyles, cost of living, and job opportunities there. This guide is specifically meant to help British nationals understand their best options in iGaming markets.



Expats have a whole universe of opportunities in Malta. The country enjoys stellar global reputation because of its strong financial and commercial sectors. Online casino gaming has been one of the quickest growing markets in Malta, particularly in the last decade and a half. That’s primarily because of the favorable regulations passed in 2004 that allow online casino operators to set up their businesses in the country, with the confidence of being protected and supported by a liberal regulatory framework. The operator-friendly environment nurtured by the financial agencies and regulatory bodies in Malta is one of the primary reasons why it has blossomed as a huge iGaming market.

Several European Union member states are facing infringement issues because their licenses are not entirely legal and applicable at EU level. However, Malta’s remote gaming regulations have EU approval and hold at Malta, as well as EU level. Gaming taxes in the nation are favorable to operators, and a massive motivation for them to set up new offices and facilities in the country. Also, easy credit availability and low-income tax make the market more viable. All this means that ay British expat can not only easily find employment in the iGaming market in Malta, but also can enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle in the country.



Gibraltar has surfaced as one of the most promising markets for anybody looking for highly rewarding careers. The economy has been growing, and the job market has been flourishing alongside. The favorable tax rules of the country make it a terrific option for several businesses to set up headquarters here. Though the financial, banking, IT, and legal sectors in Gibraltar have been doing well in the past five years, it’s the iGaming market that has recorded supernormal growth rates.

Regulators in Gibraltar have deeply understood the potential of the iGaming market, and hence, have been liberal in granting all kinds of licenses to online casino and sportsbook players with established track records. Among the many licenses offered by the Gibraltar Licensing Authority, the primary ones are bookmaker’s license, betting intermediary’s license, and gaming machine license. Because of so many reputed operators setting up shop here, iGaming has become one of the largest employers in the country. Because the lifestyle options on offer in this financially and economically stable country are pretty good, it comes second, just next to Malta, on our list.


The Isle of Man

This beautiful independent European nation, apart from its luxurious lifestyles, offers stellar career options for English speaking professionals. The economy here is strong, the financial sector is growing, and the political forces are stable. Also, the salaries offered by leading iGaming players here are at par with those provided in the UK. Today, Isle of Man is among the most popular and respected online gaming markets in entire Europe. It’s ‘whitelisted’ by OCED and UK for tax cooperation and iGaming purpose. So, Isle of Man licensees can advertise their offerings to the UK market.

The Isle of Man licensing authority offers 3 primary licenses – full ORGA License, Sub License, and Isle of Man Network License. Also, it’s legal for iGaming companies to conduct non-gambling activities like marketing, software upgrades, and disaster recovery, etc., without requiring an Online Gaming Regulation Act 2001 license. The tax framework is highly favorable, there are no capital gain taxes, and the highest income tax bracket is 20%.


New Jersey

Here’s a surprise entry. This state became the second in the US to open its gates to licensed and regulated casinos, way back in 2013. Ever since, the market has flourished and developed into an excellent option for English speaking professionals in the iGaming tech industry. New Jersey has also licensed online poker game rooms. Because the market is still expanding here, the salaries offered to iGaming professionals are pretty lucrative.

Currently, there’s ample focus on hiring in digital marketing and branding for the iGaming companies in New Jersey. Because, British expats bring in their experience from European markets, the New Jersey iGaming market is quite receptive to applications from them. Professionals with expertise in risk and fraud detection also stand to gain a lot in the form of fulfilling and high paying careers in the New Jersey iGaming market. It’s highly likely that neighboring states will also adopt liberal iGaming policies, making New Jersey an even better relocation option for British expats.


Final Thoughts

The iGaming markets we’ve considered in this guide are especially suitable for British expats, primarily because there are already many British nationals employed in the significant iGaming companies headquartered in these markets. Also, these countries are a good match for the British lifestyle, offer liberal opportunities to British nationals, and have immigration policies that help expats.